How much of New York City’s budget comes from Washington?

Last week Mayor Michael Bloomberg released his $68.7 million executive budget, which as we reported counts on $300 million in state and federal aid to help pay for education. But this aid isn’t guaranteed: The city can only receive the money if the mayor and the United Federation of Teachers reach an agreement on a teacher evaluation system before January. This reminder of the city’s reliance on funding from Washington has us asking: How much of New York City’s budget comes from the federal government?

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What we found

This fiscal year, the city Office of Management and Budget chalks up $7.6 billion of its revenues to federal grants. This figure slightly understates the total amount of federal aid, since some federal funds end up passing through state government on their way to the city. Most federal aid — $3.2 billion this year — goes to social services, including child care, Headstart and welfare programs. The second largest portion, $1.9 billion this year, funds education. OMB expects federal aid to fall to $6.5 billion next year and continue to decline.

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