One more headache for drivers: parking meters back in effect

After a three-day break, the New York City Department of Transportation has put parking meter rules back in place all over the city — even in Coney Island, one of the neighborhoods most devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

Parking meter rules went back into effect yesterday all over the city — including flood-wrecked Coney Island. Photo: Nathaniel Herz

“As of now there are no special rules” for flood-hit areas, said Nick Mosquera, a DOT spokesman. “Thus far the rules have been citywide.”

Mosquera said he would look into whether DOT had plans to put in place rules for specific neighborhoods.

DOT had suspended parking meter rules through Wednesday, but put them back in place on Thursday, even as gas shortages began to strand some drivers.

On Thursday, a driver on Coney Island showed The New York World a parking receipt he had purchased at a Muni Meter, at the recommendation of a city official.

Coney Island was devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Dozens of cars were totaled, and residents were still working yesterday gutting the ground floors of their flooded homes.

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