INTERACTIVE: Introducing the Mayoral Matrix

The now-10 major candidates seeking to be the next mayor of New York City have spent months (or in Anthony Weiner’s case, days) on a nonstop circuit of public forums and debates, scattering the seeds of their governing ideas across the five boroughs. The deluge of talk and positions is almost overwhelming.

No blue pill needed: Click on the image to enter the Matrix

No blue pill needed: Click on the image to enter the Matrix

That’s where The New York World’s Mayoral Matrix comes in. From now until the bitter end of election year 2013, we’ll be visualizing where each candidate stands on some of the most urgent issues facing New York City, starting with 10 questions:

Should the NYPD scale back its use of stop and frisk?

Should charter schools “co-locate” in public school buildings?

Do you support a ban on the sale of large sugary drinks?

Would you give city workers on expired contracts retroactive raises?

Should New York build sea walls to protect against storm surge?

Should the NYPD be watched by an inspector general?

Do you support the construction of a garbage barge facility on the East River?

Do you favor leasing public housing land to real estate developers?

Would you support a congestion pricing program for the city?

Yankees or Mets?

The New York World will be adding more questions and answers to the Matrix as election season progresses. Have a question you’d like to see addressed in the Matrix? Let us know.


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