Articles By Alice Brennan

Is ‘stop and frisk’ based on official policy?

Yesterday U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin granted class-action status to a lawsuit condemning the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices. Her decision comes in a 2008 suit filed by four men claiming their fourth amendment constitutional rights were compromised by the NYPD, and allows thousands more plaintiffs to take part in the legal challenge. The… ⧸ Full Story

How many guns does stop and frisk uncover?

The NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy is failing in the very area it was designed to target — gun control — according to new analysis released by the New York Civil Liberties Union today.  The detailed interrogation of the police department’s own stop-and-frisk records indicates a record 685,724 people were stopped and frisked by… ⧸ Full Story

Where are the Occupy barricades?

To mark May Day, Occupy Wall Street has declared today a general strike, and protests are planned for many locations in midtown and lower Manhattan. Already, we’ve seen and filed numerous reports of public parks and plazas, as well as privately owned public spaces, barricaded against public entry. Whether you’re a pedestrian, protester or both, this map will… ⧸ Full Story

What are New York’s biggest tax loopholes?

Today is everyone’s favorite day of the year, right? Tax deadline day. But according to advocacy groups in New York some corporations won’t be filing as much as they should be, and they’re costing taxpayers $350 million. Groups like New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness an the Fiscal Policy Institute are out protesting banking and hedge fund giants today… ⧸ Full Story

What do lobbyists have to disclose?

Companies and organizations seeking to be heard in Albany spent a record-breaking $220 million on state lobbying in 2011, according to the Joint Commission on Public Ethics (JCOPE) annual report released this week. That’s a $7 million increase on 2010, a $213 million year for Albany lobbying. Nearly 6,100 lobbyists filed reports and registered with JCOPE by the… ⧸ Full Story

What access will defendants have to their own DNA?

New York State’s database of human DNA is set to become one of the most comprehensive in the country following lawmakers’ approval of a bill yesterday requiring all convicted criminals to give samples. New York has collected DNA data since mid 1990s, and convicted felons are already required to provide genetic samples to law enforcement. The… ⧸ Full Story