Articles By Alexander Hotz

How will taxi roadblock affect the city budget?

The Bloomberg Administration told a judge yesterday that it will not appeal a court injunction against the mayor’s move to license livery cars for street hails in the outer boroughs and add up to 2,000 more taxi cab medallions. The mayor had obtained approval from the state legislature after failing to win support of the City Council. Acting State… ⧸ Full Story

What has the mayor won in end runs around City Council?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he is planning a ban on large sugary drinks in New York City to combat obesity. The proposal has already prompted familiar complaints that the mayor is turning New York City into “Nannyville.” To fast-track the restriction on beverage cup sizes, the mayor is seeking an amendment to the city’s health code via the… ⧸ Full Story

How can you find out if there’s a natural gas pipeline nearby?

On Monday, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approved a new natural gas pipeline to New York City . The 20-mile transmission line will carry up to 800 million cubic feet of gas each day from Linden, N.J., into Manhattan’s West Village. The pipeline faced stiff opposition from environmental and community groups concerned that it would pass through… ⧸ Full Story

Who is challenging incumbents for Congress?

In a big upheaval for the New York political calendar, this year’s congressional primaries will take place on June 26, following a court order that rolled back federal elections from their previous September spot. Incumbents who usually spend their spring months focused on business in Washington are now looking over their shoulders at this year’s crop of challengers,… ⧸ Full Story

How much of New York City’s budget comes from Washington?

Last week Mayor Michael Bloomberg released his $68.7 million executive budget, which as we reported counts on $300 million in state and federal aid to help pay for education. But this aid isn’t guaranteed: The city can only receive the money if the mayor and the United Federation of Teachers reach an agreement on a teacher evaluation system before… ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: How did the Census estimate population growth?

New York City is growing faster than expected. The Census Bureau estimates that the city’s population grew by 69,777 since April 1, 2011, an increase attributed to higher birth rates and immigration. While the director of the New York City Department of City Planning’s Population Division, Joseph Salvo, said he welcomed the news, he added that the feds… ⧸ Full Story