Articles By Michael Keller

The Daily Q: Do schools really win in the lottery?

Lottery revenue keeps going up, topping out at $8.44 billion in the past year according to New York Lottery figures released today. Nearly $2.9 billion went to state education spending. The figure represents roughly 15 percent of total state aid to local school districts. (The lottery’s fiscal year ends March 31.) That’s a lot of losing QuickDraw… ⧸ Full Story

Where are the Occupy barricades?

To mark May Day, Occupy Wall Street has declared today a general strike, and protests are planned for many locations in midtown and lower Manhattan. Already, we’ve seen and filed numerous reports of public parks and plazas, as well as privately owned public spaces, barricaded against public entry. Whether you’re a pedestrian, protester or both, this map will… ⧸ Full Story

What’s the Rx for New York’s new health insurance exchange?

Last week, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order creating a state health insurance exchange, after State Senate Republicans repeatedly blocked legislative efforts to create an exchange as mandated in the federal Affordable Care Ac. New York is now among 16 states that have created exchanges through executive order, according to the National Conference on State… ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: When have New York governors bypassed public review to get laws passed?

Between midnight and dawn last Thursday, Governor Andrew Cuomo used emergency measures to push a major package of laws through the state legislature. So-called “messages of necessity” were designed to be used only during emergencies and bypass the normal three-day waiting period that allows the public and press to review bills before the legislature takes… ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: Is NYC sharing vital info before public meetings?

It’s Sunshine Week – a time to ask how well government is living up to its obligations to make information available to the public. This year New York’s standards took a major leap forward thanks to a new enhancement to the state’s Open Meetings Law: public agencies are now required to release documents under discussion at… ⧸ Full Story