Thousands of New York City inmates await trial in jail only because they cannot afford bail. There are alternatives, but the question remains: Who will pay? Photo: Jeff Morganteen

The great bail bailout

New York’s chief judge calls for unshackling more defendants from jail while they await trial. But are local governments committed to buying their freedom?

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Rasaun Bullock

No escape

Hundreds of Rikers Island inmates are in solitary confinement, under conditions that can cause serious psychological deterioration. Rasaun Bullock’s torments during 49 months in the hole cost him his right to a speedy trial.

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Three in four New Yorkers live within a quarter mile of a park, according to a new datum in the Mayor's Management Report. Photo: Steven Severinghouse/Flickr

Fixing the numbers

New and improved statistics from City Hall reveal fresh details about how the city works — from jail violence to your chances of surviving cardiac arrest

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