Articles By Pei Shan Hoe

What is “I &#9829 NY” worth to New York?

For the first time, New York State is asking the public to submit proposed new versions of the iconic “I ♥ NY” logo, as part of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s new tourism initiative. The logo — originally created by designer Milton Glaser on a commission from the state — helped create one of the nation’s best-known… ⧸ Full Story

Which city and state agencies let businesses watchdog themselves?

Companies and organizations could soon have huge incentives to report their own violations of anti-pollution regulations, if a draft “self-auditing” policy is implemented by the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation. Entities that use pesticides, treat wastewater and store hazardous chemicals could have penalties reduced or waived if they agree to report violations, according an internal… ⧸ Full Story

Who is lobbying on medical marijuana?

New York State legislators on both sides of the aisle had a conference on Wednesday pushing for the legalization of medical marijuana with a bill that is being considered by the state Assembly. This comes right as the latest Sienna poll shows 57 percent of New York voters support legalizing medical marijuana, with 33 percent opposed. Sure, New… ⧸ Full Story

Which companies have cut deals allowing them to keep doing government business?

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York filed fraud charges yesterday against construction giant Lend Lease Construction LMB Inc. — formerly Bovis Lend Lease LMB Inc., or just Bovis for short — and their former principal in charge of the company’s New York office. Bovis admitted to fraudulently overbilling clients for more… ⧸ Full Story

What’s the cost of today’s Republican primary?

The polls are open today for New York state’s Republican presidential primary and this year’s contest is set to be as much of a non-event in this blue state as most years before. Turnout is expected to be light especially since Rick Santorum dropped out of the race — he officially suspended his campaign but… ⧸ Full Story

What gun-control measures await action in Albany?

The death of teenager Trayvon Martin — shot by civilian George Zimmerman, who initially escaped charges under Florida “stand your ground” law because local police said they had not found anything to dispute Zimmerman’s claim of self-defense — has put gun control back in the headlines. Here in New York, it has breathed fresh life into… ⧸ Full Story

How are state workers protected from lawsuits?

After news first broke that Joseph Bruno was going to petition Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for reimbursements of “substantial” legal costs after criminal charges against him were dropped, and the Times Union’s outstanding James Odato could not get Schneiderman’s office to divulge how many public employees have been similarly reimbursed, we were more than a… ⧸ Full Story

Could a Tappan Zee Bridge walkway cost more than its economic benefits?

The idea of converting the existing Tappan Zee Bridge into a greenway or walkway — much like the former Poughkeepsie Bridge-turned-Walkway Over the Hudson — has been floated for some time by Greenburgh town supervisor Paul Feiner. During his cabinet meeting yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo said the potential of preserving the bridge as an elevated walkway for cyclists and… ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: What’s the Council Speaker’s track record on State-of-the-City promises?

What’s the Council Speaker’s track record on State-of-the-City promises? First Governor Andrew Cuomo, then Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and now it’s City Council Speaker Christine Quinn. New York’s second-most powerful figure in city government will be giving her annual State of the City speech today at noon, her sixth since assuming the position in 2006. While… ⧸ Full Story