Articles By Sasha Chavkin

What threat do flame retardants pose to New Yorkers?

This month, the Chicago Tribune published a devastating investigation about the use of flame retardants in furniture and other common household products. Not only do flame retardants fail to prevent fires, the Tribune found, but the chemicals included in them cause cancer and threaten the development of fetuses and young children. These chemicals have subsequently… ⧸ Full Story

Which NYC neighborhoods have most at stake in Obamacare fight?

Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments about the critical centerpiece of President Obama’s healthcare reform bill: the individual mandate. Lawyers challenging the law on behalf of 26 states will argue that it is unconstitutional for the federal government to penalize individuals who do not buy health insurance; the Obama administration will maintain that the… ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: How does Supreme Court campaign finance ruling affect elections in New York?

Yesterday, Rep. Bob Turner announced that he would seek nomination as the Republican challenger to Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for this November’s election. His entrance will raise the profile of a race in which Republicans have struggled to find a credible opponent for Gillibrand, who has amassed a campaign war chest of more than $10… ⧸ Full Story