Manhattan’s borough president logs in

Gale Brewer moves to unleash civic data as a building block of neighborhood power ⧸ Full Story

City agencies slow flow of data to public hub

Hacktivists call on City Council to demand release of government files ⧸ Full Story

Missing: A promised street-level view of city crime

A new law required the city to produce a detailed map of crime incidents, but its deadline has come and gone without a launch ⧸ Full Story

Vetoes take toll on public disclosure of government business

Bills killed this week by Gov. Cuomo include measures requiring city and state to explain how they're collecting or using funds ⧸ Full Story

City liberates map data trove

Geographic information once off limits to the web now downloadable, for free ⧸ Full Story

Track the action in Albany

Good things happen when nonprofit newsrooms collaborate across state lines — and New York now has Minnesota to thank for helping us keep a close watch on our legislature ⧸ Full Story

City Council loosens NYPD grip on crime data

New York set to get neighborhood-level maps of incidents reported to police — though many details, including the level of NYPD cooperation, remain to be determined ⧸ Full Story

PLUTO out of orbit

While a new law liberates the city’s data online, a valuable city planning tool remains out of public reach ⧸ Full Story

New York’s data deluge begins

Under long-awaited law, all published city stats must now be downloadable for app makers and analysts ⧸ Full Story

Fixing the numbers

New and improved statistics from City Hall reveal fresh details about how the city works — from jail violence to your chances of surviving cardiac arrest ⧸ Full Story

Civic web news pioneer retools for 2013

For its 14th birthday, the Gotham Gazette gets a top-to-bottom remake, geared toward social engagement ⧸ Full Story

INTERACTIVE: How to pay a $4.5 billion bill

After Congress clears the way, Bloomberg budget shows first detailed picture of Sandy spending city seeks to recoup ⧸ Full Story

Comptroller opens Checkbook 2.0

Sequel to city's public contracts database offers code and content to help outsiders watchdog government spending ⧸ Full Story

City political campaigns could become members-only affairs

Good-government groups side with City Council in quest to curb Campaign Finance Board's reach ⧸ Full Story

Bold campaign spending rules in the spotlight

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says he expects to defend his disclosure mandates in court ⧸ Full Story

Digging deeper into Westchester’s gun permit data

We run the numbers on pistol permit-holders — with an assist from the database underlying a newspaper's controversial map ⧸ Full Story

How we farmed the numbers on fruit and veggie origins

Government bean-counters track hundreds of different food items trucked into the Bronx each week ⧸ Full Story

Sandy’s monstrous math problem

How the Bloomberg administration came up with its $9.8 billion (or $15 billion — who's counting?) recovery price tag for Congress ⧸ Full Story

Leaner government storm response one year after Irene

New York greets Hurricane Sandy with fewer shelters and state troopers — and a shorter timeline for evacuation ⧸ Full Story

Council to Board of Elections: Poll yourselves together

The party-appointed board faces demands for better ballots and public transparency ⧸ Full Story