Access Denied: One woman’s story

Like many pregnant teens, Arisleida Duarte found herself struggling to figure out child care and parenting—but unlike most, she did it behind bars. ⧸ Full Story

Access denied: Pregnant inmates struggle to gain entry to prison nursery programs

A New York World investigation has found that between 2010 and 2012 as many as a third of all applicants have been denied access to the nursery program even though the two nurseries operate at less than half capacity. ⧸ Full Story

New data provides first detailed look at military gear held by New York law enforcement agencies

Over the past several years, more than 120 law enforcement agencies across the state, from the NYPD to Tuckahoe, have obtained military-grade equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which transfers excess military equipment to state and local police across the country. ⧸ Full Story

Faulty sanctions plague city welfare recipients

The city routinely sanctions poor New Yorkers receiving cash assistance, but those penalties are often reversed when recipients appeal. ⧸ Full Story

At some city schools long suspensions are tool of choice

At some schools nearly 90 percent of suspensions are long-term, a tool that education experts and advocates have long sought to reform. ⧸ Full Story

Juvenile justice system offers school progress — for select few

'Close to Home' effort brings hundreds of detained young people into city schools system, but thousands more remain far from graduation ⧸ Full Story

How do you solve a problem like Malina?

A Greenpoint landlord leaves tenants in the cold — and not for the first time ⧸ Full Story

San Francisco reins in police presence in schools

Imminent agreement between educators and law enforcement could be model for New York City reform ⧸ Full Story

Animal abuse registry survives Bloomberg veto

Passed by unanimous City Council vote, new law bars those convicted of harming animals from living with pets ⧸ Full Story

De Blasio’s NYPD in court combat with civil liberties advocates

With stop-and-frisk settled, school policing is target of a continuing lawsuit accusing officers of abuses ⧸ Full Story

How will the NYPD stop-and-frisk court monitor work?

And what happens if the NYPD doesn’t live up to its end of the bargain? ⧸ Full Story

Exit interview: Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr.

The middle member of political dynasty says he 'led the way to reform stop and frisk' until 'people decided they were going to attack the NYPD as racist.' ⧸ Full Story

Impasse on justice reform for young defendants

Competing bills and lack of consensus cloud prospects for raising age at which accused teens must be tried as adults ⧸ Full Story

What does New York get out of the $13 billion JP Morgan settlement?

A deal reached between the U.S. Department of Justice, several states and financial giant JP Morgan is set to sweep a whole lot of aid our way. So who exactly will benefit, and by how much? ⧸ Full Story

Missing: A promised street-level view of city crime

A new law required the city to produce a detailed map of crime incidents, but its deadline has come and gone without a launch ⧸ Full Story

NYPD dismisses growing share of substantiated misconduct complaints

Police department declines to act on many Civilian Complaint Review Board recommendations for prosecuting police officers ⧸ Full Story

Hundreds of guilty pleas later, fix-it judge readies to leave Bronx

Judge Patricia DiMango cleared a massive backlog in criminal cases, using methods decried by many defense lawyers ⧸ Full Story

The DA who’s staying put, with the help of generous donors

Cy Vance’s fundraising prowess, incumbency keeps would-be opponents off the ballot ⧸ Full Story

More than racial profiling

The City Council's new anti-bias law, passed over Mayor Bloomberg's veto, promises to alter police encounters with homeless, LGBT and public housing residents ⧸ Full Story

Unreleased city memo: Solitary inmates stay in jail longer

Internal document shows link between isolation and extended imprisonment at Rikers Island ⧸ Full Story