Access Denied: One woman’s story

Like many pregnant teens, Arisleida Duarte found herself struggling to figure out child care and parenting—but unlike most, she did it behind bars. ⧸ Full Story

Access denied: Pregnant inmates struggle to gain entry to prison nursery programs

A New York World investigation has found that between 2010 and 2012 as many as a third of all applicants have been denied access to the nursery program even though the two nurseries operate at less than half capacity. ⧸ Full Story

Faulty sanctions plague city welfare recipients

The city routinely sanctions poor New Yorkers receiving cash assistance, but those penalties are often reversed when recipients appeal. ⧸ Full Story

How does the Supreme Court’s DOMA ruling affect New Yorkers?

Breaking down the new rights afforded to married same-sex couples in New York State ⧸ Full Story

SAFE Act registry of mentally ill nets few gun permit holders

State has taken action to block gun ownership in under a dozen cases ⧸ Full Story

VA says no to SAFE Act

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs declares it won’t comply with New York mandate to report dangerously mentally ill ⧸ Full Story

Proposed city registry would leash animal abusers

Councilmembers want New York City to track those convicted of cruelty ⧸ Full Story

How we mapped NYPD summonses across the city

The seed of this story was a question: Did data exist that could offer a more objective view into the issue of NYPD summonses and race than was being offered in impassioned and political editorials? We soon found out that very few people knew where to find such data or if it even existed. ⧸ Full Story

Is the NYPD issuing too many summonses?

This week we launched a map showing where the NYPD is giving out pink slips for minor legal infractions, such as public drinking and riding a bike on a sidewalk. Now we would like to hear your opinion. Does the NYPD issue too many summonses or are pink slips necessary to keep order in the city? ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s improbable cause

Are the police violating New Yorkers' civil rights one summons at a time? What the geography of 350,000 pink slips in New York City reveals. ⧸ Full Story

Could Pussy Riot be arrested in New York?

Supporters of three imprisoned Russian members of the punk-rock performance group Pussy Riot were arrested today in New York City. Many wore masks in solidarity with the artists, who were sentenced on Friday morning to two years in prison for performing a “punk prayer” protesting President Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s central church. The members of… ⧸ Full Story

You may now switch the bride

Applicants for marriage licenses find identity thieves arrived at the altar first ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s hottest stop-and-frisk spots

Public housing projects are heavily represented among New York City's 50 most frequent locations for police stops ⧸ Full Story

Is ‘stop and frisk’ based on official policy?

Yesterday U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin granted class-action status to a lawsuit condemning the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices. Her decision comes in a 2008 suit filed by four men claiming their fourth amendment constitutional rights were compromised by the NYPD, and allows thousands more plaintiffs to take part in the legal challenge. The… ⧸ Full Story

What impact have ‘responsible banking’ laws had elsewhere?

Today, the City Council is expected to pass the Responsible Banking Act, which would require banks to report to a new board within the New York City Department of Finance about how they are meeting the credit needs of the city’s lower-income neighborhoods. The city would then be required to consider the information when deciding… ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: How many same-sex marriages in towns where clerks resigned?

Today’s question, in honor of President Obama’s public stand in support of gay marriage, follows up on the protests last year that greeted New York State’s legalization of same-sex marriage. Shortly after the state legalized same-sex marriage, three town clerks in New York – Rosemary Centi from Guilderland,, Laura Fotusky from Barker, and Ruth Sheldon… ⧸ Full Story

How many guns does stop and frisk uncover?

The NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy is failing in the very area it was designed to target — gun control — according to new analysis released by the New York Civil Liberties Union today.  The detailed interrogation of the police department’s own stop-and-frisk records indicates a record 685,724 people were stopped and frisked by… ⧸ Full Story

Muslims from NYPD-targeted mosques reckon with surveillance

Many worshipers say they're resigned to the scrutiny they receive as part of anti-terrorism policing ⧸ Full Story

Study: NYPD violating Kelly edict to end improper marijuana arrests

Bronx Defenders survey of hundreds arrested for possession finds most were improperly forced to show drugs to police ⧸ Full Story

Judge blocks city-sponsored affordable housing project as discriminatory

Williamsburg's Broadway Triangle project improperly discouraged black applicants, ruling finds ⧸ Full Story