New data provides first detailed look at military gear held by New York law enforcement agencies

Over the past several years, more than 120 law enforcement agencies across the state, from the NYPD to Tuckahoe, have obtained military-grade equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which transfers excess military equipment to state and local police across the country. ⧸ Full Story

San Francisco reins in police presence in schools

Imminent agreement between educators and law enforcement could be model for New York City reform ⧸ Full Story

How will the NYPD stop-and-frisk court monitor work?

And what happens if the NYPD doesn’t live up to its end of the bargain? ⧸ Full Story

Exit interview: Councilmember Peter Vallone Jr.

The middle member of political dynasty says he 'led the way to reform stop and frisk' until 'people decided they were going to attack the NYPD as racist.' ⧸ Full Story

Missing: A promised street-level view of city crime

A new law required the city to produce a detailed map of crime incidents, but its deadline has come and gone without a launch ⧸ Full Story

NYPD dismisses growing share of substantiated misconduct complaints

Police department declines to act on many Civilian Complaint Review Board recommendations for prosecuting police officers ⧸ Full Story

What the CompStat audit reveals about the NYPD

Critics read between the lines of a revealing new crime data report ⧸ Full Story

Homicide: The New York World tour

How does a plunging New York City murder rate look from a global perspective? We chart the numbers by neighborhood - from Libya to Poland to Vietnam. ⧸ Full Story

Gray zone for men and women in blue

The confounding decades-old legal case behind stop-and-frisk has left boundaries open to NYPD discretion — but for how long? ⧸ Full Story

A different sort of court

What's the right punishment for drinking a beer in the park? Or staying there past 1 a.m.? For Brooklyn Judge Alex Calabrese, it's whatever helps the offender and the community get to a better place. ⧸ Full Story

A tort time bomb

As a record number of lawsuits against the city's police move into litigation, the price tag is $150 million a year and growing. Where will it stop? ⧸ Full Story

More work, fewer staff add up to longer waits for Medical Examiner reports

The new Mayor's Management Report shows increases in wait times for autopsies, sex crime DNA and other procedures ⧸ Full Story

How we mapped NYPD summonses across the city

The seed of this story was a question: Did data exist that could offer a more objective view into the issue of NYPD summonses and race than was being offered in impassioned and political editorials? We soon found out that very few people knew where to find such data or if it even existed. ⧸ Full Story

Is the NYPD issuing too many summonses?

This week we launched a map showing where the NYPD is giving out pink slips for minor legal infractions, such as public drinking and riding a bike on a sidewalk. Now we would like to hear your opinion. Does the NYPD issue too many summonses or are pink slips necessary to keep order in the city? ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s improbable cause

Are the police violating New Yorkers' civil rights one summons at a time? What the geography of 350,000 pink slips in New York City reveals. ⧸ Full Story

Could Pussy Riot be arrested in New York?

Supporters of three imprisoned Russian members of the punk-rock performance group Pussy Riot were arrested today in New York City. Many wore masks in solidarity with the artists, who were sentenced on Friday morning to two years in prison for performing a “punk prayer” protesting President Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s central church. The members of… ⧸ Full Story

Why didn’t Twitter fight the NYPD’s subpoena?

The limited options for targets of demands for private information ⧸ Full Story

Back to the barricades

A new order of steel barriers is just one item on the NYPD's latest equipment shopping list ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s hottest stop-and-frisk spots

Public housing projects are heavily represented among New York City's 50 most frequent locations for police stops ⧸ Full Story

Is ‘stop and frisk’ based on official policy?

Yesterday U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin granted class-action status to a lawsuit condemning the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices. Her decision comes in a 2008 suit filed by four men claiming their fourth amendment constitutional rights were compromised by the NYPD, and allows thousands more plaintiffs to take part in the legal challenge. The… ⧸ Full Story