New data provides first detailed look at military gear held by New York law enforcement agencies

Over the past several years, more than 120 law enforcement agencies across the state, from the NYPD to Tuckahoe, have obtained military-grade equipment through the Pentagon’s 1033 program, which transfers excess military equipment to state and local police across the country. ⧸ Full Story

PTA fundraising data shows massive gap between haves and have-nots

Department of Education data obtained by The New York World reveals a stark contrast between a few well-funded PTAs and more than 1,000 other smaller organizations across the city. ⧸ Full Story

Stringer to City Council: Redistribute your wealth

City's chief fiscal steward calls for higher minimum wage, more aid from Albany — and an end to inequalities in funds earmarked by members ⧸ Full Story

The cost of de Blasio’s big promises

Many of the mayor's proposals to reduce economic inequality depend on private action or federal dollars, not local spending ⧸ Full Story

Millions in FreshDirect government aid off the table

Thanks to a congressman’s opposition, online grocer FreshDirect might lose out on millions of dollars it sought to help pay for its move to the South Bronx from Long Island City ⧸ Full Story

Cuomo’s Sandy charity benefits private equity investors

While storm victims wait, troubled Brooklyn housing complexes secure millions in aid from Empire State Relief Fund ⧸ Full Story

What does New York get out of the $13 billion JP Morgan settlement?

A deal reached between the U.S. Department of Justice, several states and financial giant JP Morgan is set to sweep a whole lot of aid our way. So who exactly will benefit, and by how much? ⧸ Full Story

Bloomberg pushing through last-minute anti-poverty programs

Like it or not, the de Blasio administration will take over brand-new debit card, homeless and housing programs launched by departing administration ⧸ Full Story

Who wants to spend $1 million? More people, organizers hope

Entering its third year, participatory budgeting counts on widespread involvement from local residents, inspired by more than money ⧸ Full Story

Mayoral candidates divided on setting higher local minimum wage

Boston, San Francisco and Albuquerque among cities that set higher floor for pay than their states — and New York City low-income workers say it's time for their town to follow ⧸ Full Story

Who can get Sandy recovery aid in New York?

The New York World is following the money from Washington to New York, as billions of dollars of storm recovery and rebuilding funds authorized by Congress flow to the region. We’ll be posting regular updates about how the money is (and isn’t) being spent ⧸ Full Story

Pataki tax panel dims prospects for hike on NYC wealthy

Mayoral candidate de Blasio's pre-K funding scheme faces new obstacle in supply-side ex-governor ⧸ Full Story

Neighborhood-projects vote at a loss for city funding

Participatory budgeting gets underway in nine City Council districts, while promised grants to the ballot's organizers remain stuck in bureaucratic limbo ⧸ Full Story

What does a government shutdown mean for New York?

Six ways New York state and local governments will take a hit from a federal disappearing act ⧸ Full Story

Quinn reveals elusive appointment to local-investment board

Asian-American community leader Christopher Kui named; mayor's seat remains unfilled ⧸ Full Story

How much will union raises really cost?

Breaking down the math behind projections of city budget disaster ⧸ Full Story

Babies hostage in city budget dealmaking

$2.5 million to prevent infant mortality serves as pawn in negotiations ⧸ Full Story

Cuomo cure for nonprofit excess exempts high-paid health execs

State cap on publicly funded salaries cuts out some of New York's biggest spenders ⧸ Full Story

Bill Thompson’s well-paved private sector path

Mayoral candidate prospered as exec of bond firm whose city business boomed during his stint as comptroller ⧸ Full Story

City Council spotlights massive backlog in veterans’ benefits

Advocates press for local funding to serve unmet needs of ex-military ⧸ Full Story