The cost of de Blasio’s big promises

Many of the mayor's proposals to reduce economic inequality depend on private action or federal dollars, not local spending ⧸ Full Story

Who wants to spend $1 million? More people, organizers hope

Entering its third year, participatory budgeting counts on widespread involvement from local residents, inspired by more than money ⧸ Full Story

Neighborhood-projects vote at a loss for city funding

Participatory budgeting gets underway in nine City Council districts, while promised grants to the ballot's organizers remain stuck in bureaucratic limbo ⧸ Full Story

How much will union raises really cost?

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Babies hostage in city budget dealmaking

$2.5 million to prevent infant mortality serves as pawn in negotiations ⧸ Full Story

City Council spotlights massive backlog in veterans’ benefits

Advocates press for local funding to serve unmet needs of ex-military ⧸ Full Story

State spending remains hidden from public view

Corruption case puts spotlight on shadowy development funds in state budget ⧸ Full Story

VIDEO: Bringing you into power

Participatory budgeting offers a chance to get involved in decisions shaping neighborhoods ⧸ Full Story

City investigates overpayment to contractors’ private pensions

“I don't think we really know what's going on, quite honestly, and it's not through lack of asking,” budget director tells Council ⧸ Full Story

INTERACTIVE: How to pay a $4.5 billion bill

After Congress clears the way, Bloomberg budget shows first detailed picture of Sandy spending city seeks to recoup ⧸ Full Story

What fees are going up in this year’s city budget?

If you drive, go to school or end up in jail, you'll pay: Here are a few ways New Yorkers will help balance the city budget ⧸ Full Story

Gulf Coast collected billions from flood insurance, repays with ‘no’ votes for Sandy

Texas alone received $5.5 billion — and cast eight votes in the House against replenishing program's funds ⧸ Full Story

City Council ‘participatory budgeting’ to expand

After a dynamic inaugural year of inviting the public to help decide how the New York City Council spends some of its funds, four council members who pioneered the practice here are about to have some company ⧸ Full Story

How will taxi roadblock affect the city budget?

The Bloomberg Administration told a judge yesterday that it will not appeal a court injunction against the mayor’s move to license livery cars for street hails in the outer boroughs and add up to 2,000 more taxi cab medallions. The mayor had obtained approval from the state legislature after failing to win support of the City Council. Acting State… ⧸ Full Story

Youth jobs program cuts leave applicants facing tough odds

Cuts in federal funds have led to sharp reductions in the Summer Youth Employment Program ⧸ Full Story

Federal aid cuts worsen New York City budget woes

End to federal stimulus leaves city budget short of funds for child care and other services ⧸ Full Story

How much of New York City’s budget comes from Washington?

Last week Mayor Michael Bloomberg released his $68.7 million executive budget, which as we reported counts on $300 million in state and federal aid to help pay for education. But this aid isn’t guaranteed: The city can only receive the money if the mayor and the United Federation of Teachers reach an agreement on a teacher evaluation system before… ⧸ Full Story

Mayor holds firm on budget cuts to child care, fire companies

Executive budget includes service cuts that face fierce City Council opposition ⧸ Full Story

Schools fight dominates record spending on lobbying

Introducing The Lobbies at the Top, the New York World's guide to influence in Albany ⧸ Full Story

Child services chief says youngest kids’ care must be funding priority

Administration for Children's Services Commissioner Ron Richter advocates firmly for new EarlyLearn initiative ⧸ Full Story