What Hizzoner left behind

Five legacies you might not know Mayor Ed Koch left New York City ⧸ Full Story

Lhota-for-mayor web domains claimed in September (UPDATED)

'LhotaforNYC' and 'Lhota2013' sites reserved more than a month before Sandy lifted MTA chief's political prospects ⧸ Full Story

Sandy’s monstrous math problem

How the Bloomberg administration came up with its $9.8 billion (or $15 billion — who's counting?) recovery price tag for Congress ⧸ Full Story

Leaner government storm response one year after Irene

New York greets Hurricane Sandy with fewer shelters and state troopers — and a shorter timeline for evacuation ⧸ Full Story

Missing members on new city banking board

City misses deadlines for appointing reps under law Bloomberg vetoed ⧸ Full Story

You may now switch the bride

Applicants for marriage licenses find identity thieves arrived at the altar first ⧸ Full Story

What has the mayor won in end runs around City Council?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he is planning a ban on large sugary drinks in New York City to combat obesity. The proposal has already prompted familiar complaints that the mayor is turning New York City into “Nannyville.” To fast-track the restriction on beverage cup sizes, the mayor is seeking an amendment to the city’s health code via the… ⧸ Full Story

Commission targets city reports for elimination

Obsolete and redundant publications and task forces will be eliminated ⧸ Full Story

Mayor holds firm on budget cuts to child care, fire companies

Executive budget includes service cuts that face fierce City Council opposition ⧸ Full Story

Department of Investigation rebuffs Council bill to protect private-sector whistleblowers

Bill would require city to investigate claims of fraud at city contractors ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: How much money does NYC really lose on Census undercount?

It’s official: New York City is stuck for the next decade with the U.S. Census Bureau’s population count of fewer than 8.2 million, now that the bureau has rejected Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s appeal asserting that enumerators had missed at least 50,000 New Yorkers. Bloomberg submitted the appeal last August, and his administration had fought hard… ⧸ Full Story

As deadline looms, city struggles to slim ranks of provisional workers

New York will be in violation of state civil service rules unless it finishes testing thousands of workers in the next year ⧸ Full Story

Eight moves to watch in this year’s city budget dance

Experts predict proposals we're likely to see in the mayor's proposal for city spending ⧸ Full Story