Track the action in Albany

Good things happen when nonprofit newsrooms collaborate across state lines — and New York now has Minnesota to thank for helping us keep a close watch on our legislature ⧸ Full Story

Survivor: State Senate Edition (UPDATED)

Episode by episode, Democrats and Republicans battle for control of half the state legislature ⧸ Full Story

Real estate big blankets state Senate races with contributions

Companies associated with apartment high rise mogul Leonard Litwin have funneled more than $900,000 into state Senate races — mostly to Republicans, who are fighting to hold on to majority control ⧸ Full Story

Four ways Vito Lopez reshaped New York

How the scandal-scarred Assembly member wielded his power as chair of the Housing Committee ⧸ Full Story

Hospital troubles leave taxpayers on hook to pay back state loans

A billion-dollar state borrowing program will soon have to pay back bondholders, with $81 million budgeted this year ⧸ Full Story

Schools fight dominates record spending on lobbying

Introducing The Lobbies at the Top, the New York World's guide to influence in Albany ⧸ Full Story

How does New York State change its constitution?

Earlier this month, the New York State Senate and Assembly reached a deal with Gov. Andrew Cuomo in which they pledged to introduce a constitutional amendment that would create an independent commission to draw future legislative districts. Gov. Cuomo declared, “This agreement will permanently reform the redistricting process in New York to once and for… ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: What happens if New York fails to create a health insurance exchange?

It’s coming down to the wire: New York State has about three months to create a state-sponsored health care insurance exchange as part of the federal Affordable Care Act. Currently both Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the state Assembly are in favor of a bill that would create an exchange, while Senate Republicans say they need… ⧸ Full Story

Where Albany legislators drew (and redrew) district lines

A timeline of the redistricting process so far ⧸ Full Story

State racks up multimillion-dollar bills for officials’ legal defense

Civil servants collect millions to cover legal costs incurred in the line of duty ⧸ Full Story

How much is New York paying in pensions to disgraced lawmakers?

Former State Senator Carl Kruger resigned, pleaded guilty to corruption charges, and has cleared out of his district’s office. But under current ethics law, he is still eligible for a state pension. The Times Union’s Jimmy Vielkind estimated that Kruger will get about $69,534.61 per year under the pension scheme because a pension claw-back provision in the new… ⧸ Full Story

State Assembly leaves open-government bill in limbo

Without a signature by the end of the year, disclosure bill will disappear in an automatic veto ⧸ Full Story

Balancing Act: Will 2012 be the year New York City gets its fair share of representation in the State Senate?

Redistricting in the state legislature has left New York City residents with less power in the State Senate than upstate voters ⧸ Full Story