Hundreds of guilty pleas later, fix-it judge readies to leave Bronx

Judge Patricia DiMango cleared a massive backlog in criminal cases, using methods decried by many defense lawyers ⧸ Full Story

The Donald’s golf course trumps Bronx neighbor

Across the road from its soon-to-be-born upscale sibling, the western half of Ferry Point Park suffers with filth and crime ⧸ Full Story

City approves FreshDirect subsidy

Deal is part of $127 million aid package to support grocery giant's controversial move to the Bronx ⧸ Full Story

Yes, we have no (local) strawberries

Hunts Point Terminal Produce Market has it all — but don't look for seasonal fruit grown in New York State ⧸ Full Story

Free market

Hunts Point produce merchants open to consider all options — including Jersey ⧸ Full Story

Can 15,000 trucks be good neighbors?

As city and Hunts Point produce wholesalers negotiate over the city's central market, the environmental future of the South Bronx hangs in the balance ⧸ Full Story

How we farmed the numbers on fruit and veggie origins

Government bean-counters track hundreds of different food items trucked into the Bronx each week ⧸ Full Story

Missing the market

The Hunts Point produce co-op supplies more than half of the fruits and vegetables in the city — and its threatened move to New Jersey could be very bad news for independent grocers and restaurants ⧸ Full Story

And the race goes on (slowly)

Candidates continue to campaign in a competitive Bronx contest for City Council ⧸ Full Story

City nursing homes suffer painfully high rate of bedsores

Rate 50 percent higher than national average despite federal program to combat scourge; Brooklyn, Bronx homes are state's most afflicted ⧸ Full Story

Hospital troubles leave taxpayers on hook to pay back state loans

A billion-dollar state borrowing program will soon have to pay back bondholders, with $81 million budgeted this year ⧸ Full Story

Bronx ministry lures addicts from Puerto Rico aloft promise of salvation

Ministry of Christian Renovation has brought thousands of men from Puerto Rico to New York, for treatment that relies on prayer and welfare funds ⧸ Full Story

State judiciary vows to reverse troubled Bronx criminal court merger

A move to have the same judges hear both misdemeanor and felony cases blamed for years-long delays in Bronx trials ⧸ Full Story

School construction budgets lag need for new seats, Council told

Education official says more than 16,000 spots need building but lack funds ⧸ Full Story

Where Albany legislators drew (and redrew) district lines

A timeline of the redistricting process so far ⧸ Full Story

How long does it take for a criminal case to go to trial?

The right to a speedy and public trial is written into the sixth amendment of the U.S. Constitution, but reports of New York City court delays suggest that doesn’t guarantee a criminal defendant will get one. Today the Daily News highlighted a backlog in the Bronx that leaves accused felons waiting in jail for as long as… ⧸ Full Story

Bronx cop on trial for false testimony in marijuana bust

Detective Debra Eager pleaded guilty to three counts of perjury ⧸ Full Story

FreshDirect rings up deal to expand in New York City

Nearly $90 million in benefits will ease food distributor's entry into the Bronx ⧸ Full Story

Rangel ridicules proposals to shift his district out of Manhattan

Harlem Congressman says 'I'll be damned if I want the district to go to Mt. Vernon' ⧸ Full Story

Trump golf deal leaves city responsible for Bronx landfill cleanup

Contract calls on Parks Department to step in if contaminants are found ⧸ Full Story