The DA who’s staying put, with the help of generous donors

Cy Vance’s fundraising prowess, incumbency keeps would-be opponents off the ballot ⧸ Full Story

City inks $2.8 billion deal to barge trash from East Side and Queens

Contract to ship trash to out-of-town incinerators latest hurdle for opponents of reopening East 91st Street transfer station ⧸ Full Story

125th Street crosstown bus to stay local

Lack of community consensus thwarts plan to bring M60 into Select Bus Service rapid transit program ⧸ Full Story

One public school building, two worlds

PS 75 and MS 250 share the same Upper West Side building, but one depends on parental fundraising and the other on federal grants, in an educational divide that splits schools across New York City ⧸ Full Story

Chelsea’s newest prime real estate development: a women’s prison

Bayview Correctional Facility evacuated after Sandy and is now slated for shutdown — leaving inmates without programs that help them break free ⧸ Full Story

Towering debate over plan to supersize Midtown

Deputy Mayor advocates East Side rezoning in showdown with Council demand for pause in the process ⧸ Full Story

Real estate giants push for break on buildings’ Battery Park City payments

Request follows similar deal last year that cost public authority $279 million ⧸ Full Story

Chelsea Market takes second bite at affordable housing

Pact sealed by Council Speaker Christine Quinn adds additional funds to complete apartments promised seven years ago ⧸ Full Story

On Lower East Side, crisis response largely in residents’ hands

Bike-powered generators and open fire hydrants fill a void left as federal aid workers focus elsewhere in region ⧸ Full Story

Strand Central Park bookstalls go up for bid

Under the city comptroller's watchful eye, Parks department must seek competitive bids for beloved literary spot ⧸ Full Story

There’s a new top dog in town

Debuting this Friday at Central Park: a food cart with a $1.39 million in rent to pay ⧸ Full Story

Tax break approved for World Financial Center retail complex

'We're going to get a ton of money, and we're not writing any checks,' says Battery Park City board chair ⧸ Full Story

World Financial Center ‘hip luxury’ upgrade poised for $10 million tax break

Brookfield Office Properties asks for city and state sales tax exemptions ⧸ Full Story

Project to reclaim city-owned spaces expands to Manhattan and Queens

596 Acres identifies hundreds of vacant lots as prime sites for community gardens ⧸ Full Story

Hospital troubles leave taxpayers on hook to pay back state loans

A billion-dollar state borrowing program will soon have to pay back bondholders, with $81 million budgeted this year ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s hottest stop-and-frisk spots

Public housing projects are heavily represented among New York City's 50 most frequent locations for police stops ⧸ Full Story

Thompson’s $300 million Battery Park City bill

Mayoral candidate approved big breaks for donors ⧸ Full Story

Where Albany legislators drew (and redrew) district lines

A timeline of the redistricting process so far ⧸ Full Story

Harlem’s Houdini: Rangel district survives in court redistricting plan

Historic Harlem congressional district remains largely in Upper Manhattan ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: What parts of lower Manhattan are off limits this morning?

What parts of lower Manhattan are off limits this morning? Today the New York Giants celebrate their Superbowl victory with a tickertape parade up lower Manhattan’s Canyon of Heroes, on Broadway. In preparation for the event the NYPD closed roads and the MTA will suspend stops at several stations surrounding the route. Roads highlighted in… ⧸ Full Story