Exit interview: Councilmember Dan Halloran

Still fighting federal corruption charges, the Queens council member says loss of a GOP seat ‘weighs on my conscience’ ⧸ Full Story

New lease on life for housing complex bolsters tenants accustomed to hardship

Residents of Arverne's Ocean Village look back on a year of improvisation and hope ⧸ Full Story

The information circuit that keeps Rockaway connected

A local news service born in the storm endures to keep a close watch on rebuilding ⧸ Full Story

New food and drink spots usher tasty Rockaway revival

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City inks $2.8 billion deal to barge trash from East Side and Queens

Contract to ship trash to out-of-town incinerators latest hurdle for opponents of reopening East 91st Street transfer station ⧸ Full Story

The price of Flushing Meadows Corona Park

A proposed expansion of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center divides Queens — and could pave the way for similar deals to trade park land for cash ⧸ Full Story

Queens schools set for shuttering get squeezed instead

Kept open by court order in face of planned shutdown, Flushing and Newtown high schools will have new neighbors inside already-crowded buildings if proposed co-location is approved ⧸ Full Story

Five hyperlocal NYC groups seeking Sandy relief funds

Grassroots organizations offer well-grounded alternatives for donors looking to help storm-stricken communities ⧸ Full Story

John Cori warned you

When Congress repeatedly stalled a study to shore up the Rockaways’ beaches, a local electrician decided his community couldn’t afford to wait for action any longer ⧸ Full Story

More than shelter

At the Park Slope armory, volunteers care for hundreds of people with special needs displaced from the Rockaways by Sandy ⧸ Full Story

Rockaway faces years of rebuilding

Six days after the storm, aid begins to trick in from Sikh temples, van lines and kids running up and down high-rises ⧸ Full Story

Point of contention

Willets development expansion in Queens prompts new review and protests by holdout businesses ⧸ Full Story

Community college course cutbacks spark faculty rebellion

'Pathways' curriculum forces schools to shorten English composition courses ⧸ Full Story

Olympic orphans: Flushing Meadows lakes stagnate in wake of Games loss

Ambitious plans to dredge the lakes of Flushing Meadows Corona Park are an unsung casualty of New York City's lost 2012 bid ⧸ Full Story

Project to reclaim city-owned spaces expands to Manhattan and Queens

596 Acres identifies hundreds of vacant lots as prime sites for community gardens ⧸ Full Story

Hospital troubles leave taxpayers on hook to pay back state loans

A billion-dollar state borrowing program will soon have to pay back bondholders, with $81 million budgeted this year ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s hottest stop-and-frisk spots

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Loft tenants call on Vito Lopez to close eviction loophole

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Parents demand expansion to eighth grade for Queens gifted magnet school

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Where Albany legislators drew (and redrew) district lines

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