A woman walks outside an East Village apartment building Thursday, March 31. The building houses a fourth-floor apartment where three super PACs are based. PHOTO: Alex Daugherty

East Village apartment is a haven for questionable super PACs

“Restore American Freedom and Liberty” is a super PAC that claims to support conservative candidates for office, but most of its donations end up going to a consulting firm run out of an East Village apartment. The PAC has raised $181,666 during the 2016 election cycle, according to its Federal Election Commission filings. But it […]

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Investing in lobbying pays off

For years, researchers have reported on the market success of companies that invest heavily in lobbying, so a small California-based investment firm decided to offer a chance for its investors to benefit from that success.

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When judges are judged

A review by the New York World found the commission often does not remove judges even when they’ve violated the constitutionally guaranteed right to due process or manipulated the outcome of cases. In addition, much of the commission’s work is conducted in secret. New York is one of only 15 states that conduct judicial disciplinary hearings in private. And in many cases, the name of the sanctioned judge and the nature of the misconduct are never made public. Photo: Flickr/ssalonso

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trakcer 2014

Can these bills be saved?

The New York World’s 2014 legislative session tracker follows the progress of some of the highest-stakes measures under consideration in Albany this session — and facing tough odds against passage

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