VIDEO: Studying the science of marijuana

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Unanimous Board of Health approval for mandatory tot flu vaccine

Up to 150,000 young children in day care to be inoculated ⧸ Full Story

New York lags nation on hospital quality test, costing city millions in aid

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Young and convincible: Meet the Affordable Care Act scare ads

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Pricey premiums challenge for New York health care exchange

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Interfaith healing: Bankrupt Brooklyn hospital leads city in citations for faulty care

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Babies hostage in city budget dealmaking

$2.5 million to prevent infant mortality serves as pawn in negotiations ⧸ Full Story

No restraint at drug-dosing New York nursing homes

Industry and government teamed up to reduce the use of dangerous anti-psychotic drugs in nursing homes — but one in three in New York City increased the pace of prescriptions ⧸ Full Story

Cuomo cure for nonprofit excess exempts high-paid health execs

State cap on publicly funded salaries cuts out some of New York's biggest spenders ⧸ Full Story

New York City hospitals lag nation on free and discounted care

A dozen New York City institutions spend more on salaries of executives earning $500,000-plus than they do on charity services ⧸ Full Story

Are some doctors too old to practice medicine?

Doctors over the age of 60 account for a disproportionate share of disciplinary actions in New York ⧸ Full Story

Medical training suffers clogged artery: funding for residencies trails demand

New York Reps. Crowley and Grimm prod Congress to expand federal funding to train future doctors ⧸ Full Story

Painful cuts hit neighborhoods with too few doctors

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Bloomberg’s big REACH

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VA says no to SAFE Act

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs declares it won’t comply with New York mandate to report dangerously mentally ill ⧸ Full Story

Public hospital MDs push back against pay tied to performance

Health and Hospitals Corporation says incentives will leave patients healthier; union representing some doctors begs to differ ⧸ Full Story

State hires army of humans to drive online health insurance exchange

Cuomo administration recruiting "in-person assisters" to help uninsured navigate an unfamiliar world ⧸ Full Story

Breakable bonds leave city a winner in smoking slowdown

New York City sold Wall Street on the idea that a multibillion-dollar tobacco industry settlement was a cash cow. Now investors are staring down default, helped along by the mayor's anti-cigarette crusade. ⧸ Full Story

Sick and in solitary

Rikers Island is home to a surge of mentally ill inmates, hundreds of them assigned to live in isolation. Did the city miss a chance for better treatment? ⧸ Full Story

Lack of Authority

The city's public housing agency knew where its disabled and elderly residents lived when superstorm Sandy struck. That doesn't mean it was able to aid them afterward. But who should have? ⧸ Full Story