Juvenile justice system offers school progress — for select few

'Close to Home' effort brings hundreds of detained young people into city schools system, but thousands more remain far from graduation ⧸ Full Story

Challenge for pre-K recruitment: lagging Latino enrollment

Newly released study finds Hispanic kids sign up for early childhood education at rates lower than peers ⧸ Full Story

City schools make play for corporate sponsorship of athletics

Department of Education seeks proposals from sports-marketing firms to bring in revenue from advertisers ⧸ Full Story

San Francisco reins in police presence in schools

Imminent agreement between educators and law enforcement could be model for New York City reform ⧸ Full Story

Can New York suspend the Common Core curriculum?

Pressure mounts to put the brakes on the controversial school blueprint — but activists have some mighty obstacles in their way ⧸ Full Story

Exit interview: Councilmember Robert Jackson

One takeaway after 12 years in the council: 'Don’t just blame the education system. Who’s at fault? It starts at home with the parents.' ⧸ Full Story

De Blasio poised to overhaul school discipline

As public advocate, mayor-elect called for interventions in place of suspensions ⧸ Full Story

School progress reports show winning and losing neighborhoods

Manhattan's District 2 has the biggest share of highly rated schools in the city; Brooklyn's Flatbush and Canarsie the lowest ⧸ Full Story

School busing giant files for bankruptcy

Department of Education vows to continue cost-cutting overhaul of yellow bus routes; drivers' union says changes come 'on the back' of veteran workers ⧸ Full Story

State to seek waivers exempting some students from federally mandated tests

Chancellor says New York will request exceptions to standardized exams for English language learners and children with special needs ⧸ Full Story

This student planner brought to you by…

New York City middle and high school students to receive advertiser-sponsored calendar books ⧸ Full Story

Testing, testing: Some high schoolers to take state math exams twice

Under threat of dismal scores on new Common Core test, state allows current high school students to graduate under old algebra standard ⧸ Full Story

Private money bolsters fortunes of public Fashion Institute and its president

Fundraising in state university system shielded from outside scrutiny ⧸ Full Story

Candidates embrace cause of religious schools

Seeking Orthodox Jewish support, mayoral contenders promise aid ⧸ Full Story

Students set to grade teachers under new schools contract

NYC Department of Education to spend $6 million for year one of a privately owned evaluation system ⧸ Full Story

For an evening, politicians generous to the arts

Teachers College mayoral candidate forum highlights ideas to bolster cultural education in schools ⧸ Full Story

Test for City Council candidates: What to do on education?

Schools are a hot issue in local races, never mind mayoral control ⧸ Full Story

State suspends planned Success Academy audit

Lawsuit from charter school network seeks to block the state comptroller from reviewing charters' finances ⧸ Full Story

Federal sequester forces hike in state school spending

New York Education Department steps in to make up for $62 million in lost federal funds to aid high-poverty schools ⧸ Full Story

One public school building, two worlds

PS 75 and MS 250 share the same Upper West Side building, but one depends on parental fundraising and the other on federal grants, in an educational divide that splits schools across New York City ⧸ Full Story