Faulty sanctions plague city welfare recipients

The city routinely sanctions poor New Yorkers receiving cash assistance, but those penalties are often reversed when recipients appeal. ⧸ Full Story

AIDS agency to clients’ families: start pulling your weight

City HIV and AIDS Services Administration now requires those living with people collecting benefits to participate in a work program ⧸ Full Story

City investigates overpayment to contractors’ private pensions

“I don't think we really know what's going on, quite honestly, and it's not through lack of asking,” budget director tells Council ⧸ Full Story

Lack of Authority

The city's public housing agency knew where its disabled and elderly residents lived when superstorm Sandy struck. That doesn't mean it was able to aid them afterward. But who should have? ⧸ Full Story

More than shelter

At the Park Slope armory, volunteers care for hundreds of people with special needs displaced from the Rockaways by Sandy ⧸ Full Story

Coney Island copes

Residents go on door-to-door hunt for shut-in senior citizens ⧸ Full Story

On Lower East Side, crisis response largely in residents’ hands

Bike-powered generators and open fire hydrants fill a void left as federal aid workers focus elsewhere in region ⧸ Full Story

Red Cross steps up to provide shelter and aid

Relief agency must coordinate regional relief efforts from storm-locked Manhattan ⧸ Full Story

As homeless pack shelters, storage brokers seek their stuff

One tactic: names that sound like those of government agencies ⧸ Full Story

Green for greens — while it lasts

A modest serving of Health Bucks entices food stamp recipients to buy farmers market produce ⧸ Full Story

Bronx ministry lures addicts from Puerto Rico aloft promise of salvation

Ministry of Christian Renovation has brought thousands of men from Puerto Rico to New York, for treatment that relies on prayer and welfare funds ⧸ Full Story

Federal aid cuts worsen New York City budget woes

End to federal stimulus leaves city budget short of funds for child care and other services ⧸ Full Story

Mayor holds firm on budget cuts to child care, fire companies

Executive budget includes service cuts that face fierce City Council opposition ⧸ Full Story

Child services chief says youngest kids’ care must be funding priority

Administration for Children's Services Commissioner Ron Richter advocates firmly for new EarlyLearn initiative ⧸ Full Story

Senior centers vie for new contracts, prepare for attrition

City Department for the Aging asks community groups to reapply to run gathering spaces ⧸ Full Story

Council budget hearings launch with child care kickball

After-school programs face $60 million in cuts under mayor's proposed budget ⧸ Full Story

Food stamp fingerprinting ensnares thousands of applicants

New York City's unique practice of screening recipients leaves qualified candidates without benefits ⧸ Full Story

Single adults surge into homeless shelters as permanent housing construction lags

Nearly 21,000 individuals entered the city shelters in the past year ⧸ Full Story

Head Of Cuomo-Founded Homeless Agency Resigns

HELP USA CEO Larry Belinsky, married to the cousin of Gov. Cuomo and his sister Maria, resigns from their organization as the governor launches probe of nonprofit executive compensation. ⧸ Full Story

Despite recent deaths, youth care contract on track for renewal

City to pay $385 per day for care of developmentally disabled children at Pennsylvania home where two clients died ⧸ Full Story