Surge pricing for drivers’ taxi medallions

Cabbies flock to own their own businesses, at record-high cost ⧸ Full Story

Green taxis cluster in small number of neighborhoods

Nine areas account for more than half of all livery-cab hails ⧸ Full Story

Bus and subway fare hike reprieve? Only if you count on union concessions

Newly optimistic MTA financial projections lower the projected cost of a ride — but assume that workers will accept no wage increases for the years they've worked without a contract ⧸ Full Story

School busing giant files for bankruptcy

Department of Education vows to continue cost-cutting overhaul of yellow bus routes; drivers' union says changes come 'on the back' of veteran workers ⧸ Full Story

Where you’ll have the best chance of hailing a green taxi

Most of the top 30 neighborhoods for new metered livery cab pickups are in Manhattan and Queens ⧸ Full Story

Hear, hear: Subway service announcements on a roll

Service information broadcast to most train passengers rings loud and clear — but R, G and C lines lag ⧸ Full Story

Citibike lags in public housing

NYCHA residents get discount bike share memberships – and the few who use them couldn't be happier ⧸ Full Story

Subway and bus fares could rise 50 percent in next decade

Independent Budget Office projects cost of a ride to hit $3.75 ⧸ Full Story

Next station: fare hike

Restored bus and subway service shadowed by looming MTA deficit ⧸ Full Story

125th Street crosstown bus to stay local

Lack of community consensus thwarts plan to bring M60 into Select Bus Service rapid transit program ⧸ Full Story

Brash talk on MTA openness from candidate Lhota

The former MTA chair calls the authority the most transparent government agency in the nation. Rider advocates acknowledge progress but beg to differ. ⧸ Full Story

As deadline looms, hundreds of stimulus projects still incomplete

New York road and rail construction grinds on, as federal overseers shift focus to Sandy relief ⧸ Full Story

Breaking up big busing

The fate of giant Atlantic Express signals the future of school transportation: small, cheap nonunion companies ⧸ Full Story

Titanic II on the Hudson

City Economic Development Corp. explored digging West Side berth for replica of the doomed cruise ship ⧸ Full Story

Are future MTA fare hikes a done deal?

Experts weigh three long-shot ways to kill a scheduled 2015 increase in the price of a subway or bus ride ⧸ Full Story

Lhota-for-mayor web domains claimed in September (UPDATED)

'LhotaforNYC' and 'Lhota2013' sites reserved more than a month before Sandy lifted MTA chief's political prospects ⧸ Full Story

Missing the market

The Hunts Point produce co-op supplies more than half of the fruits and vegetables in the city — and its threatened move to New Jersey could be very bad news for independent grocers and restaurants ⧸ Full Story

School buses ‘ready to roll’ — if fuel and fixes can be found

On the waterfront, private bus operators dry out saltwater-soaked engines and struggle to reach their own diesel supplies ⧸ Full Story

One more headache for drivers: parking meters back in effect

Coney Island and other flood-stricken areas not exempt from rules ⧸ Full Story

School buses swamped in coastal parking lots

Companies ready drenched fleets for Monday's return of 600,000 schoolchildren ⧸ Full Story