Tenants in buildings on brink get new management

Legal protections and new hope — plus persistent concerns — under deal struck by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ⧸ Full Story

The revolving door to decay

A jail sentence for its landlord grants little reprieve for a suffering Bronx apartment building, now slated to go to auction ⧸ Full Story

Tenants strike against public pension fund–backed landlord

No rent until owner makes needed repairs, say residents of Harlem towers ⧸ Full Story

Tenants ask city to aid in rescue of troubled apartments

Council members join residents of buildings in mega-foreclosure to call for transfer to new owner ⧸ Full Story

Two more years, $1.8 billion for new public housing boilers post-Sandy

Tenants' frustrations boil over at City Council hearing held at Coney Island public housing development, one of many served by temporary heat and hot water equipment since the storm ⧸ Full Story

How do you solve a problem like Malina?

A Greenpoint landlord leaves tenants in the cold — and not for the first time ⧸ Full Story

West Side demands for housing, public space test mayor’s planning pledge

Community board demands Manhattan West project include binding commitment to affordable apartments and 24/7 plazas ⧸ Full Story

Tenants and management clash at Bronx buildings in foreclosure

Residents seek court action to stop alleged interference in organizing efforts ⧸ Full Story

City sees spike in tenant heat complaints

Calls to 311 well over previous year's pace — but few landlords see penalties ⧸ Full Story

VIDEO: Homeless for the holidays

Thousands of New Yorkers sleep on the streets every night, and Christmas is no exception ⧸ Full Story

Cuomo’s Sandy charity benefits private equity investors

While storm victims wait, troubled Brooklyn housing complexes secure millions in aid from Empire State Relief Fund ⧸ Full Story

Why Airbnb is worried — and NYC hosts shouldn’t be

Only a tiny fraction of illegal hotels are investigated, and fewer still face penalties ⧸ Full Story

Council readies for legal battle against public housing land development

Speaker Christine Quinn co-sponsors measure opening way for lawsuit to block controversial NYCHA real estate deal ⧸ Full Story

Banks break commitments to mortgage borrowers

Audit from monitor of state settlement with lenders criticizes practices at Citi, Wells Fargo and Chase ⧸ Full Story

Fight for Sandy shelter unfolds in court

Bloomberg administration makes its case to end hotel stays for storm refugees ⧸ Full Story

Will I be able to get federal Sandy aid money?

A lot depends on your financial situation, whether you reside in a house or an apartment building, and where you live. ⧸ Full Story

VIDEO: State seeks federal aid for Sandy victims left short by insurance

Request to federal government comes as part of proposal for spending $1.7 billion on storm recovery ⧸ Full Story

Left high and dry by insurers, homeowners reluctantly borrow Sandy rebuilding funds

Small Business Administration loans bail out shore residents surprised to learn policies paid far less than needed ⧸ Full Story

Who’s the boss? Council and Housing Authority debate crisis responsibility

NYCHA chairman echoes hearing's big question: How will public housing residents get food, water and aid during and after disasters? ⧸ Full Story

Lack of Authority

The city's public housing agency knew where its disabled and elderly residents lived when superstorm Sandy struck. That doesn't mean it was able to aid them afterward. But who should have? ⧸ Full Story