Gov makes Hail Mary play for elections reform

Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveils his campaign finance reform bill, with just days to go in the statehouse session. AP Photo/Mike Groll

Cuomo pitches public funding of campaigns and tougher limits on donations ⧸ Full Story

Cuomo cure for nonprofit excess exempts high-paid health execs


State cap on publicly funded salaries cuts out some of New York's biggest spenders ⧸ Full Story

VA says no to SAFE Act

Andrew Cuomo

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs declares it won’t comply with New York mandate to report dangerously mentally ill ⧸ Full Story

Does Cuomo reporter file make him the Nixon of Albany?

Dossie highlighted items by a reporter deemed "GENERALLY SNARKY" ⧸ Full Story

Redistricting plan would widen Albany’s partisan divide

If the 2010 races for state legislature were held using newly proposed district lines, Republicans would deepen their hold on the closely contested State Senate ⧸ Full Story

How tightly can Cuomo close campaign finance loopholes?

How tightly can Cuomo close campaign finance loopholes? In his State of the State address yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that that the time has come for sweeping campaign finance reform in New York State. “In short,” he said, “the state’s campaign finance laws fail to prevent the dominance of wealthy contributors and special interests.”… ⧸ Full Story

How New York State borrows billions against your paycheck, out of public view

The SUNY Albany College of Nanotech Science and Engineering is home to the computer chip consortium SEMATECH, receiving $60 million in new borrowed funds. Photo: CNSE

Bonds borrowed against income tax receipts fueled state borrowing binge, with bills now coming due ⧸ Full Story

The mystery of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s missing records

Attorney General Cuomo, 2007

A year after he left office as state attorney general, files have not appeared in the State Archives ⧸ Full Story