The Daily Q: When the city doesn’t enforce a rule, who does?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg will introduce a bill that would require residential building owners to come up with rules for where people can or cannot smoke and to disclose such information to future tenants. While it does not ban smoking in residential buildings, groups on both sides of the issue see the proposal as a move towards… ⧸ Full Story

What will the mayor propose in his budget?

What will the mayor propose in his budget? Today in City Hall at 1 p.m., Mayor Bloomberg will reveal his preliminary budget for fiscal year 2013. What are his likely targets to boost or slash? You’ll find the answers here later today. In the meantime, we offer eight budget predictions, based on past years’ proposals and… ⧸ Full Story

Eight moves to watch in this year’s city budget dance

Mayor Michael Bloomberg at his preliminary budget release last year. Photo: Edward Reed

Experts predict proposals we're likely to see in the mayor's proposal for city spending ⧸ Full Story