De Blasio’s NYPD in court combat with civil liberties advocates

New school safety agents are sworn in, in this ceremony from 2009. Photo: NYPD

With stop-and-frisk settled, school policing is target of a continuing lawsuit accusing officers of abuses ⧸ Full Story

More than racial profiling

Stop and Frisk

The City Council's new anti-bias law, passed over Mayor Bloomberg's veto, promises to alter police encounters with homeless, LGBT and public housing residents ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s secrecy weapon

AP Photo/Adam Nadel

Want information from the police files? They'll see you in court. ⧸ Full Story

The social media conspiracy

Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr. announces the indictment of 41 alleged gang members from the Lower East Side, nabbed with the help of Facebook boasts. AP Photo/Richard Drew

The NYPD has embraced Facebook and Twitter to investigate alleged gangs — but will the evidence hold up in court? ⧸ Full Story

City Council loosens NYPD grip on crime data

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New York set to get neighborhood-level maps of incidents reported to police — though many details, including the level of NYPD cooperation, remain to be determined ⧸ Full Story

Gray zone for men and women in blue


The confounding decades-old legal case behind stop-and-frisk has left boundaries open to NYPD discretion — but for how long? ⧸ Full Story

How we mapped NYPD summonses across the city: Part II

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In which we navigate the multiple databases used by New York City courts and update our summonses map to include data from community courts in Brooklyn and Manhattan ⧸ Full Story

A tort time bomb

More than 2,000 new legal cases hit the NYPD last year, foreshadowing a surge in future payouts to plaintiffs. Photo: Michael Summers/Flickr

As a record number of lawsuits against the city's police move into litigation, the price tag is $150 million a year and growing. Where will it stop? ⧸ Full Story

Proposed city registry would leash animal abusers

A dog whose abuse was caught on a surveillance camera this week recovers from the attack. Under a proposed City Council bill, anyone convicted of animal cruelty would have to register with the city's Department of Health. Photo: NYPD

Councilmembers want New York City to track those convicted of cruelty ⧸ Full Story

How we mapped NYPD summonses across the city

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The seed of this story was a question: Did data exist that could offer a more objective view into the issue of NYPD summonses and race than was being offered in impassioned and political editorials? We soon found out that very few people knew where to find such data or if it even existed. ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s improbable cause


Are the police violating New Yorkers' civil rights one summons at a time? What the geography of 350,000 pink slips in New York City reveals. ⧸ Full Story

The NYPD’s hottest stop-and-frisk spots

Photo: Alice Brennan

Public housing projects are heavily represented among New York City's 50 most frequent locations for police stops ⧸ Full Story

Is ‘stop and frisk’ based on official policy?

Yesterday U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin granted class-action status to a lawsuit condemning the NYPD’s stop and frisk practices. Her decision comes in a 2008 suit filed by four men claiming their fourth amendment constitutional rights were compromised by the NYPD, and allows thousands more plaintiffs to take part in the legal challenge. The… ⧸ Full Story

How many guns does stop and frisk uncover?

The NYPD’s controversial stop and frisk policy is failing in the very area it was designed to target — gun control — according to new analysis released by the New York Civil Liberties Union today.  The detailed interrogation of the police department’s own stop-and-frisk records indicates a record 685,724 people were stopped and frisked by… ⧸ Full Story

Muslims from NYPD-targeted mosques reckon with surveillance

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Many worshipers say they're resigned to the scrutiny they receive as part of anti-terrorism policing ⧸ Full Story

Study: NYPD violating Kelly edict to end improper marijuana arrests

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Bronx Defenders survey of hundreds arrested for possession finds most were improperly forced to show drugs to police ⧸ Full Story

The Daily Q: What rules govern the NYPD when it operates outside of New York City?

What rules govern the NYPD when it operates outside of New York City? In the past few days, the Associated Press has published two reports detailing aggressive surveillance of Muslims by the New York Police Department. One of the most notable aspects of this surveillance is where it took place: on college campuses across the… ⧸ Full Story

Police stops of New Yorkers hit record high in 2011

Only 13 percent of the 4.3 million stops made by city police in the last decade have led to an arrest or summons ⧸ Full Story

Safety in numbers: Authors of book assailing police stats say it’s for the NYPD’s own good

Eli Silverman

Authors John Eterno and Eli Silverman scrutinize COMPSTAT and raise sharp questions about its accuracy ⧸ Full Story

Did police chief break NYPD rules in handling ‘Jihad’ video?

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and his spokesman Paul Browne are getting slammed for admitting that Kelly had indeed been interviewed for a controversial documentary on radical Islam, The Third Jihad, shown to almost 1,500 police officers over a several-month period and and running on what an internal report described as “a continuous loop.” This, after… ⧸ Full Story