A tort time bomb

More than 2,000 new legal cases hit the NYPD last year, foreshadowing a surge in future payouts to plaintiffs. Photo: Michael Summers/Flickr

As a record number of lawsuits against the city's police move into litigation, the price tag is $150 million a year and growing. Where will it stop? ⧸ Full Story

Where are the Occupy barricades?

To mark May Day, Occupy Wall Street has declared today a general strike, and protests are planned for many locations in midtown and lower Manhattan. Already, we’ve seen and filed numerous reports of public parks and plazas, as well as privately owned public spaces, barricaded against public entry. Whether you’re a pedestrian, protester or both, this map will… ⧸ Full Story

Parade police overtime costs float above Occupy Wall Street’s

NYPD at Thanksgiving Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving festivities cost the NYPD $192,000 last year ⧸ Full Story

Free-speech fight over Occupy Wall Street’s fate

Screen shot 2012-06-18 at 2.39.21 PM

A video diary of Occupy Wall Street's ejection from Zuccotti Park ⧸ Full Story

What’s happening at other privately owned public spaces downtown?

Zuccotti Park is not the only privately owned public space downtown that must be open to the public 24/7 ⧸ Full Story

Lawyers, city clash over rights of Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park

Demonstrators on Broadway

As Sanitation workers dragged trash bags full of crumpled cardboard signs and blankets across Broadway, Zuccotti Park – for seven weeks until early this morning a heaving mass of rebellion as home base of the Occupy Wall Street movement – sat silent and deserted this morning, even as a temporary restraining order from State Supreme Court Judge… ⧸ Full Story

Behind closed gates: Inaccessible ‘public spaces’

875 Third Ave.

WNYC listeners and New York World readers report back on plazas and lobbies improperly blocked off from public access ⧸ Full Story

We ask Occupy Wall Street: What can government do?

Occupy Wall Street says the financial industry is the problem. But does government hold any solutions? ⧸ Full Story

Parade for privately owned spaces occupies midtown

Photo of Arcade Parade, October 15, 2011

Architects organize a celebration of Manhattan's quasi-public plazas and arcades ⧸ Full Story

Squeezed by MTA debt, transit workers join Occupy Wall Street

Public workers arrive in force at Zuccotti Park ⧸ Full Story

Public workers join Wall Street protests

Occupy Wall Street gets reinforcements from the city's civil service unions ⧸ Full Story