City Council loosens NYPD grip on crime data

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New York set to get neighborhood-level maps of incidents reported to police — though many details, including the level of NYPD cooperation, remain to be determined ⧸ Full Story

Digging deeper into Westchester’s gun permit data


We run the numbers on pistol permit-holders — with an assist from the database underlying a newspaper's controversial map ⧸ Full Story

City Hall wiki taps public ideas for new open-data law


City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications opens guidelines and tech specifications to revision and scrutiny ⧸ Full Story

Council votes today on law to liberate (most of) New York City’s data

City Council member Gale Brewer (left), at yesterday's vote on a measure opening city data to the public, expects a "technological revolution." Photo: Michael Keller

Intro 29A requires city agencies to make information available for use in websites and apps — but not until 2018 ⧸ Full Story

State Assembly leaves open-government bill in limbo

New York State Assembly met in special session this week but took no action to send more than a dozen unsigned bills to the governor. AP Photo/Hans Pennink

Without a signature by the end of the year, disclosure bill will disappear in an automatic veto ⧸ Full Story