Between the lines

The city's official map shows current legislative district lines — not the districts candidates are running in.

Shifting Assembly and Senate districts sow confusion for primaries ⧸ Full Story

‘Substantially the same’? Redistricting maps tell a different story than Cuomo’s

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Proposed congressional districts from a federal judge show significant differences from those drawn by state legislators ⧸ Full Story

Where Albany legislators drew (and redrew) district lines

A timeline of the redistricting process so far ⧸ Full Story

Redistricting and neighborhoods: How Albany broke up the Soviet bloc

From left to right, Fanya Vasilevsky, Raisa Rovinsky and Leonid Rovinksy have been pleading to unite the heart of Russian-speaking Brooklyn into one Senate and one Assembly district. Photo: Michael Keller

Redistricting splits Brooklyn's Russian-speaking immigrants, some of whom see an attack on democracy and their own political advancement ⧸ Full Story

Harlem’s Houdini: Rangel district survives in court redistricting plan

Historic Harlem congressional district remains largely in Upper Manhattan ⧸ Full Story

Redistricting judge could decide Rep. Rangel’s future

Rep. Charles Rangel could see his Harlem district move to the Bronx under one of the plans under review by a federal judge. Photo: Office of Rep. Charles Rangel

A federal court is likely to draw district lines for Congress — including those for Rep. Charles Rangel, who until now has represented Upper Manhattan ⧸ Full Story

Spitzer: Cuomo should take redistricting out of legislature’s hands

Eliot Spitzer and Andrew Cuomo campaign with members of the state Assembly in 2006. Photo: Azi Paybarah/Capital New York

Former governor weighs in on the current one's pledge to reform drawing of legislative district lines ⧸ Full Story

Redistricting task force may not release plan for Congress

Judge Dora Irizarry, pictured here at Bronx Republican Party headquarters in 2002 before announcing a run for state attorney general, has convened a panel that may decide New York's legislative district lines. AP Photo/Beth A. Keiser

In the last two rounds of redistricting, a federal court stepped in when state legislators failed to reach agreement ⧸ Full Story

What is a ‘community of interest’?

What is a ‘community of interest’? Starting today, the New York World Daily Q will occasionally bring in experts to answer a timely question about a big story in New York news. For the first installment, we’ve invited Susan Lerner, executive director of the good-government organization Common Cause New York. She addresses a question that has… ⧸ Full Story

Redistricting plan would widen Albany’s partisan divide

If the 2010 races for state legislature were held using newly proposed district lines, Republicans would deepen their hold on the closely contested State Senate ⧸ Full Story

How we replayed the 2010 races

The methodology behind The New York World's analysis of how redistricting will affect the outcomes of state legislative races ⧸ Full Story

The art of redistricting war: A guide to reading between the lines

Where's your district?

Five ways the legislature carves up districts to its own benefit ⧸ Full Story

Rangel ridicules proposals to shift his district out of Manhattan

Harlem Congressman says 'I'll be damned if I want the district to go to Mt. Vernon' ⧸ Full Story

Redistricting plan shortchanges New York City voters

Under proposed lines, a New York City resident's vote for State Senate is worth 7 percent less than one upstate ⧸ Full Story

Will the Supreme Court’s Texas ruling affect New York redistricting?

Will the Supreme Court’s Texas ruling affect New York redistricting? This week, the legislative task force in charge of redistricting is expected to release its proposed electoral maps for New York State. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has long promised to veto plans drawn by the legislature rather than an independent commission, especially any proposal that he… ⧸ Full Story

Proposed 63rd Senate seat would negate impact of counting prisoners at home

State Senate Republicans seek to add district to avoid losing majority ⧸ Full Story

Charles Rangel, Representative from the Bronx?

Rep. Charles Rangel

Redistricting threatens to force veteran Harlem congressman to run in highly Hispanic Bronx neighborhoods ⧸ Full Story

Balancing Act: Will 2012 be the year New York City gets its fair share of representation in the State Senate?

Redistricting in the state legislature has left New York City residents with less power in the State Senate than upstate voters ⧸ Full Story