A century ago this week, on December 21, 1913, The New York World newspaper published the granddaddy of crossword puzzles — a diamond grid of numbered squares accompanied by clues.

The occasion clearly called for a crossword of our own, marking the 100th anniversary of the diversion no newspaper (and in this case, editor) can do without.

The new New York World, which has published online since 2011, owes much to the venerable old World and its long time publisher Joseph Pulitzer. Columbia Journalism School, where we’re based, was made possible by a gift from Pulitzer, and our staff and student reporters carry on his paper’s commitment to muckraking civic journalism and media innovation.

We asked Finn Vigeland, outgoing managing editor of the Columbia Daily Spectator and contributor to the New York Times crossword, to create a puzzle to commemorate New York now and then, and the contribution of the almighty crossword puzzle to the mix of what makes journalism great. 

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