Leading a busy life but still want to be fully informed of current affairs, the political world and global gossip? Well, look no further. After giving this article a read, you’ll be the one who your coworkers and friends come to for the latest news.

First off, let’s consider the commute to work. The journey through NYC, whether that’s on the subway, in a cab, or even by bus, doesn’t have to be done in silence. No matter your choice of transport or location, it’s time to get those headphones and mobiles out and immerse yourself in the most recent news, so you never have to miss any of the important stuff happening in the big wide world.

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Here are just a few tips on how to do this – all of them involve tech and the internet!

News Apps

If you want a quick blast of the latest stories at any time of the day, then news apps will be up there at the top of the list. Often giving you short summaries of recent world events, a good news app will have a clear layout, so you can choose the articles you want to read if you have a moment or two to spare in your hectic schedule. Many also have handy features such as read-later lists and push notifications for specific categories or keywords. With more and more apps being created, you are certainly not short of choice, therefore keeping up to date does not have to be an effort. It won’t be long before you can call yourself a true news junkie!

Political Betting

If you’ve not discovered the world of betting before, there’s a possibility you have been under the impression all this time that betting is solely reserved for sports. This is where you are out of the loop. It’s time to catch up as political betting has now become very popular. The past couple of years have seen major elections and referendums with unexpected results, such as Donald Trump becoming President and Brexit. To make sure you don’t miss anything on potential future elections, political betting allows you to engage with politics in a different way, while discovering odds on the next political results will keep you updated with estimates. As an example, you can currently bet on the next leaders of UK political parties as well as on who will be the Democratic and Republican nominees in the 2020 US election outright at William Hill. In the latter odds, Donald Trump and Kamala Harris are in the lead.

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Does your work involve sitting in front of a computer screen all day? If this is the case, you might not want to spend your free time or commute doing the same thing. You may prefer listening to a news podcast instead. In case you haven’t caught on to the podcasting trend, a podcast is basically an audio file which you can download or stream – a bit like an internet radio show They can come in series on different topics, but most importantly, news podcasts are a thing. You can find podcasts to download on the likes of Spotify and national news sites such as NPR. Depending on the podcast, a more in-depth discussion on issues will be held, which will help you to better understand certain news stories.

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