A hair color brand has just made an announcement that it has another  $25 million  in investment. Comcast Ventures led the way in this round and will work closely with Madison Reed to ensure growth.

We have been a minority investor in Madison Reed and have worked closely with the company on TV and media expansion,” said Sam Landman, managing director, Comcast Ventures. “

We have watched the growth and execution, and we wanted to be a larger investment partner to the company as they scale and add Color Bars to their already fast-growing business. We are delighted to lead this round and look forward to the continued growth and success.”

Madison Reed Color Bars currently in New York City will aim to open another 25 locations by the end of next year. The idea behind the service is to offer hair color services for female and males at an affordable price and a quick turnaround.

Customers can visit a Madison Reed Color Bar and have their roots colored for $60 and in half the time of a salon visit.

The demand for this service must be bigger that ever imagined considering the quick growth of this company. Madison Reed will undoubtedly get competition but considering this level of investment we expect them to be in every major US city with the next few years.

The company was only started in 2013 and has a simple mission ,  To create a luxurious prestige hair color made with ingredients you can feel good about.

For more information  on the services and the investment visit www.madison-reed.com

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