New York City is a city with a reputation to live up to. Believe us when we say that they take Brunch seriously.

Of the 100 restaurants with Best Brunch Restaurants in America, 15 are based in New York City.

Offering everything from traditional Eggs Benedict to spicy chicken paired with red velvet waffles, these 15 restaurants are the city’s best places for brunch.

Cupping Room Cafe

This cafe us a favourite for locals and tourists alike offering a cozy and tranquil atmosphere yet being very reasonable on the prices. The building goes back to 1977 and it was one of the first in the SoHo neighbourhood.  A great brunch!

Boulevard Bistro

The Boulevard Bistro is located in Harlem and is a real local offering brunch in what is described as American Soul. The casual atmosphere is great for Sunday brunch. merican soul.”


One for the late nighters in NYC, the Veselka in East Village is great for brunch at any time of the day. The kale eggs are a great option for those looking for healthier eats.

Pro tip: Order a side of kielbasa with your breakfast food. You’ll never want to return to plain old sausage or bacon.

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