Like millions of fans around the world, we love the English Premier League and whenever we et chance we try to watch the games. Here in New York we are always looking for places that show the games and like to try different pubs/bars. If you are passionate about getting up early to watch a EPL game then don’t worry, there are many people just like you.

Here is our list of top places you should try when you want to watch the Premier League.

Legends – Football Factory

6 W. 33rd St., nr. Fifth Ave.; 212-967-7792

One four favorites is Legends bar near Fifth Ave which is home to supporters clubs, not only the EPL but other teams around the globe. There is a great atmosphere and you will find it busy every Saturday and Sunday during the season August to May. There are more than enough TV’s to go round and if there is a game worth watching then Legends will be showing it. Check the website for more info and schedule.


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132 Havemeyer St. Brooklyn
Banter is probably in the top ten of very list of best bars to watch sports in New York, this place is amazing for Premier League games. Watch the game here in Brooklyn and you will not be disappointed. Food and drink specials are always on for the games.

The Red Lion

151 Bleecker St
Whether you support a ‘smaller’ team like Brighton or major team like Liverpool, this is a great option for anyone staying or living in the area. The Red Lion offers a full English breakfast which we hear is good value. No matter the time of the game, this place will be on and there will be fans.

Smithfield Hall

Dubbed as the finest sports bar around, Smithfield Hall is always a great choice for those big games. Located in the heart of NYC they offer good local food and wide selection of beers. The Smithfield Website features a calendar of all the games and the start times, with this you can plan your EPL viewing. Visit here

With so many great games taking place each weekend, we highly recommend you visit one of the bars. If you do make the journey to England for a Premier League game then see our article for where to get tickets.  Have we missed a bar or pub out from the list which you think should be included. Please contact us and we will be happy to check it out.

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