The State of California on the West Coast of the United States is one of the most charming places in the world with so many things to do and see for everyone of all age groups. Here are our top picks which make California so charming.

Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is a lovely little beach town located just between Monterey and Pebble Beach. Each October the town becomes the resting place for thousands of Monarch butterflies. These beautiful creatures are attracted to the great weather Pacific Grove has. Located right on the coast, the views and weather is amazing making it another reason why California is as charming it can. If driving through California make sure to make a stop here and see the picturesque town, an go to the one of the best aquariums in the US, the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Another reason why California is so charming is because of the beautiful Mendocino which is located in Northern California. The stunning coastlines in this region are unlike anywhere else. This town is great for couples wanting romance whilst in California and is also good for hiking trails and biking routes. If you are driving north from San Francisco then be sure to drop by this quaint little town.

Palm Springs

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Southern California, Palm Springs has it’s own unique charm being a tourist town and city getaway. Whilst it is more famous for its shopping district, great resorts and hotels, the charm lies in the architecture of the city and landscape. There are many activities to take advantage of in the city including hikes, biking and horse riding trails. We aim to complete a full things to do guide list on Palm Springs which we will release after this.


You may not have heard of this place but if you visit you will never forget. This is one of the most beautiful towns not only in California but the whole of the US. Another great destination for romantic getaways and art loves. The beauty and charm of Carmel by the sea is like no other. The town is located 1 hour south of San Jose and has stunning white beaches for everyone to enjoy.  This town is also close to the 17 Mile Drive, which is 17 miles of amazing views of the Pacific coast.

Nevada City

Located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, Nevada City is a former gold rush town  which is now an amazing place to visit, rich  rich in local art, theater and great food. The climate of this city is different to many others in California making it picturesque all year around, especially winter. Christmas time is the best time to visit as the city truly comes to life with many activities for people and families on offer.

California is one of the most beautiful and liveable places in the USA, whether you want to work for a startup in Silcon Valley, find an acting role in Hollywood or want to climb El Capitan in Yosemite Valley, this place is for you.

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