This week we look at how to start a career in finance through experience, internships and education.  Finance is one of the best careers to enter if you are serious about making money. Those who work in finance experience great working conditions and amazing pay, the slight issue is that it is difficult to land your first job. Many people start off their career in finance with an MSc or MBA mastering in finance from a top university. Those whom get an MSc in finance are normally best placed for the largest range of jobs; masters in finance in barcelona, Paris or New York will set you up for this.

University study is a qualifier for top tier jobs in finance, while you might be able to get into finance without higher education, you will not be able to get into higher level jobs. Professional exams and postgraduate study open doors for you that otherwise would not have been open. If you are serious about getting a great job in finance, higher university study is the best way to start.

Learning how to trade for yourself is a great introduction into the financial markets and is something you should take an active interest in if you are looking to do it as a job. Taking as many opportunities as possible to learn outside of your normal environment will give you the edge over others when getting into finance. There are many things you can do which will give you this edge and you will have plenty of opportunities in university if you choose to do an MSc to gain extra curricular experience.


Internships are often a great way to gain experience and insight into the sector. Many banks and financial institutions take people onboard during the summer break. During an internship you will find out more about the company and may secure a job once your internship has ended if you make a good impression. An internship is a great low risk way to find out about what day to day life is like in an organisation, you will also get paid too. However, the salary for interns is much lower than regular employees.

Finance is one of the best areas you can work within, the working conditions are great and the pay is excellent. The best way to get started in this sector for a career is with a postgraduate degree specialising in finance. For many a career in finance can be high pressure but with that comes massive financial rewards.

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