We are always fans of rooftop bars and we can’t believe we have just found one of the best in New York City, The VU Rooftop! Whilst it is cold outside, we are already looking forward to visiting this place in the summer months when New York is the best city in the world. From recommendations, we recently took a tour of the VU and was pleased to say that it is one of the best casual places around. We love casual bars.

Happy Hour at VU Rooftop

With some great deals on at VU , happy hour is the best time to go. They have locally brewed and international beers for less than $6 which if you are not from New York will know that this is cheap. The food platters are also great, offering both Cheese, Meat and Veggie options.

Centrally located in Manhattan, it is well known for it’s cool and relaxed atmosphere in a casual setting. This is a great place to come for a first date. The view of the Empire State Building is also something not to be missed. For full menu and drinks selection visit the Official Website of VU.


Great for anyone in Manhattan both during the week or at weekends as it is located so close to a metro station.

VU Rooftop Bar

17 W 32nd St
New York 10001

Phone: 212-991-8842

Neighborhood: Koreatown

Category: Rooftop Bars

No need for reservations aside from when there are Federal holidays.  What are you waiting for already, get yourself to VU Rooftop in NYC. The bar has recently undertaken a remodeling and is located on top of the La Quinta hotel. The $3 beers make this a great place to go and be. Remember, there are many bars located in this area so you now have another place to go and hangout.

We are always looking for rooftop bars and if you think The New York World needs to review your place then contact us and we will be happy to feature you here. The more rooftop bars in NYC the better it is for everyone.

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