New Yorkers are some of the hardest workers on the planet, so where do they go to escape and recharge? We caught up with 20 of the city’s top movers and shakers to find their favourite spots to get away come summertime.

1. The Hamptons, NY

No surprise here then, the Hamptons is the number 1 destination for the people of New York in Summer. With some of the best restaurants and hotels in the country people from many parts of NYC make the journey. Whether you are a multi-millionnaire or want a weekend away there is something for everyone.

2. The Poconos, PA

The Pocono Mountains, or Poconos as we refer to them is great summer destination for the adventure and outdoor families. With forests, lakes, valleys and rivers this is a great destination. Fishing, climbing, hiking, walking, kayaking are just a few of the activities on offer.

3. Montauk, NY

Whilst people don’t tend to spend more than a long weekend in the town of Montauk, this place is charming and beautiful. With miles of hiking trails and sandy beaches, summer time is packed with tourists. Visit for more information.

4. Ocean City, MD

Ocean City is a resort town in the state of Maryland between the Atlantic Ocean and Isle of Wight Bay. The miles of beach and wooden boardwalk attracts thousands of New Yorkers every summer. With many great hotels, restaurants and shops all in the area it is no wonder why people make the journey from the built up city of NYC.  With many things to do including outdoor activities this is a great family destination.

Other Places

With the cost of airfares as low as they ever have been, now is the time for New Yorkers to explore different places.  From a list generated by online men’s fashion blog BeStylish here are some popular and not far destinations.

UK and Ireland

With a flight time of only 6.15 minutes travelling to the UK is an amazing place to visit. With direct flights from all major airports to both Manchester and London, New Yorkers should look at making the journey across the Atlantic.


You may never have been interested in travelling to this country. However if you have never been then you must go, what a beautiful place with amazing people. Don’t let news from 30 years ago put you off, now is the best time to go. With a flight less than 4 hours from Miami there are also direct flights from New York.

Dominican Republic

Another Caribbean destination that is worth the journey. With blue waters and golden beaches the DR is an amazing place. With the cost of hotels lower than ever , grab yourself a ticket and get planning.  The great thing about this trip is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be Summer. When the winter kicks in then it is the perfect time.

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