For readers of The New York World will understand that we went to London for thanksgiving in November and documented our trip. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting a Premier League soccer game whilst in the England capital city.

Since we published this article we were contacted on many occasions from fans around the world to ask about how we go about getting tickets. With this we have decided to give you some background information and websites to get tickets for the games.

Official Premier League Tickets

With 20 teams in the league and pretty much 10 games taking place each weekend there is no shortage of football taking place from August until May each year. However as this is the number 1 sport in the UK, all teams have fanatical support so tickets for most games sell out. We do recommend visiting the official page of the league to see  more details on this.

arsenal matches

Secondary and Comparison Websites

Over the past few years the number of secondary ticket websites, especially comparison ones has increased. Ten years ago there was only a handful of websites on the market, now competition is fierce. With so many websites and a limited demand prices for the big games can price the normal fan out of the market. Prices for all Premier League games change throughout the season and often on a daily basis. For tickets to the big 4 in the UK then expect to pay a a premium price.

The BBC published a great article for US soccer fans about the Premier League, which we highly recommend reading.

Here are our Top Picks for football tickets in England: (

As stated in the previous article, this comparison website offers a price tracking tool to ensure that fans can keep updated when prices decrease or increase. – Compare

One of the primary websites on the market, this ticket compare website is going from strength to strength with thousands of fans using the tools and services to get competitive deals on soccer tickets. Specialists in Liverpool and Manchester United tickets.

Ticket Compare HQ Football Tickets

Another website created with the intention to compare all the different websites for the best prices. With this fans and supporters can search for the best prices on tickets. TicketCompareHQ are releasing an updated version of the website an app this season, in time for the world cup in Russia.

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