We at The New York World understand that getting noticed is harder than ever, everyone is trying to get attention and technology gives them a platform. Thankfully, using technology there are ways to get more attention than every. Organic marketing techniques allow you to harvest massive amounts of attention for your brand by getting other people to do the work for you. There are a huge array of ways you can achieve this but preforming a video contest through a video contest app is by far the easiest method to achieve this result.

Doing a video contest is one of the best ways to engage your current users while gaining massive amounts of attention for a niche market. Your users will have friends and colleagues which she the same interests as them and are likely to buy your product or service. Getting them to create content for your brand through a competition is essentially getting them to create marketing materials. These marketing materials are shared through their friends for the purposes of the competition, you are getting your users to essentially advertise for you. This is why a video contest is such a powerful marketing tool for digital marketers.


Video contests allow you to massively boost your levels of brand engagement without having to put in much effort. Giving you a huge ROI for very little investment, many people avoid using contests because of the initial effort required in starting one. Although when you are using an online video contest platform all of the hard work is done for you, all you need to do is choose the prize. A good prize is important for an online competition, the better the prize the more buzz your campaign will receive. It’s best to be generous when it comes to your prize, you will be spending very little on everything else and the better the prize the more submissions you will receive. More submissions mean that your brand is attracting more attention which leads to increased sales.

A video contest with a great prize will give you massive marketing ROI, driving people to your brand which will create new sales for you. A video contest will increase your revenue and drive sales. It’s hard to get attention in the modern marketplace but by trying new methods to engage your users you can turbo-charge your sales. Online tools can help you achieve online marketing feats that you once thought impossible, many hard tasks can be easily achieved thanks to automation.

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