Brooklyn offers a range of cocktail bars that combine the local appeal with an excellent menu and a professional environment. Wondering what options you have if you decide to grab a drink in a great establishment, here’s our list of the best cocktail bars in Brooklyn. These bars are featured on this list because of their unique appeal and quality of service.

Clover Club

210 Smith St.

If you’re looking for great ambiance and seasoned hands at the bar, this is one cocktail bar that offers both of these. Clover Club is known for its gentlemanly environment which includes a wooden exterior and its range of seasonal cocktails. There’s also good food and music at the bar which brings the unique 19th-century experience to Brooklyn cocktail scene.

Clover Club is owned by Julie Reiner. To gives its patron, the best experience tailored to the different times of the day, Clover Club’s menu is divided into brunch cocktails and evening cocktails.


221 Smith St

This bar offers a Latin cocktail experience with a unique appeal and a cozy interior. Leyenda is also known for its menu and friendly staff. The menu of this bar includes tequila and mezcal drinks. You can also get snacks in this bar. One more unique feature of this bar is its bartenders including Ivy Mix. The range of drinks offered by Leyenda include the lighter and heavier ones.

The patio of this bar also provides extra space for its patrons. Leyenda is perfect for a Latin-inspired cocktail experience.

Grand Army

336 State St.

Beer, cocktails, good food and a great interior are all offered by this bar. The impressive list of cocktails offered by Grand Army is also mixed by experienced bartenders. You are sure to get your drinks done by a seasoned bartender in this bar. Grand Army offers a lot of seasonal drinks and great wine too. You can also get great food and oysters in this bar.


27 Broadway

A unique and welcoming whitewashed interior, tacos, an excellent range of cocktails and smart and friendly staff await you at Donna which is just under the Williamsburg bridge. The inclusion of tiki-ingredients into the menu also makes Donna a unique place to grab a drink. Donna is also a great hangout spot for singles.

Maison Premiere

298 Bedford Avenue

The combination of everything Maison Premiere offers makes it one of the best bars in Brooklyn, as well as the whole of Newyork. There is the extensive menu include both seasonal and non-seasonal drinks. Wine, champagne and good food are also offered by this bar. Maison Premiere combines New Orleans with France and the local Brooklyn appeal, and that’s why it’s on this list. You’re also sure of great service.

Whether you’re passing through or reside in Brooklyn, these are some of the bars where you’re sure of the best experience.

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