Even if you don’t gamble that much, entering a casino is like stepping into a whole new world. The top casino cities are well worth a visit even if only to get a taste of the buzzing atmosphere and the excitement they generate. What with all the lights flashing, and buzzing noises, the odd scream of ‘YES!’ – the vibe cannot be paralleled, it’s like a never-ending party and who knows what time it is. Some have shows, amazing food, themes and more.

Here’s where you should be jetting off to, for your taste of the fun.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Following Times Square (Manhattan), the Las Vegas strip is the most popular attraction in the US. Stretching 4.2 miles, the strip holds some of the largest hotels and casinos the world has to offer. If you want a change from the casino scene in New York, head over the West coast, there’s nothing quite like chancing your cash in Sin City. Vegas is the one city that every other gambling city tries to emulate, and we don’t blame them, what with the Bellagio, Caesar’s Palace and the MGM Grand to choose from along with over 70 other casinos in the area – gamblers and tourists alike will be spoilt for choice in this casino oasis.

Macau, China

Macau may not be as well-known as neighboring Hong Kong but the Asian city is fast catching up with Las Vegas. It too is home to some of the very largest casinos in the world (seven of its casinos are listed in the 20 largest in the world!) including the Venetian Macao. A grand total of 33 casinos can be found in the area, most are on the Macau Peninsula with the rest dotted across Taipa Island which is responsible for 50% of the economy! The “Monte Carlo of the Orient” is a special administrative region in China allowing for the booming gambling industry to balloon.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco may be the second smallest country in the world but it’s also a gamblers candyland. The teenie-tiny country is home to the most successful and well-known Casinos in Europe including the famous Casino de Monte Carlo. It’s one of the wealthiest places in Europe with stunning scenery and a very glamorous take on gambling. Think James Bond and your halfway there.

London, England

London, it’s the epitome of exclusive and high-class casinos. You might be picturing having a nice afternoon tea with scones but dotted across the city you’ll find around 25 casinos. Yes, you may need an exclusive membership for a few of them but there are plenty of others to choose from for the average Joe. Casinouk.com is the website where you can find wide variety of online casinos licensed in the UK options as well!

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore is a new contender in town. The recent legalization of gambling has sparked a wave of casino openings for all the gambling enthusiasts – attracting tourists from across the globe. For anyone looking for their quick fix or a spin at the reels then look no further than Marina Bay Sands Casino. The Marina Bay is one of the world’s most iconic structures boasting a huge rooftop bar, multiple swimming pools, over 2,500 rooms, nightclubs and a gaming space spread over four levels! It’s the perfect layover casino for those on long-haul flights and fancy some quick stop-over gambling in the city

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