Thanksgiving here in the US is only 3 weeks away and if you haven’t already planned your holiday then we recommend doing so. Internal flights are notoriously expensive this time as families try to reunite with their closest family members for dinner.

Our original plan was to visit Los Angeles but with prices so high, we decided to look into the possibility of flying to London for the weekend and visiting friends and family. Direct flights to the UK cost less than $600 for a return whilst the same dates a return to LAX is $580.
The difference between flying from NYC to London and NYC and LA is only 2 hours, not much considering.

What To Do in London

Whenever there is the opportunity to visit London I have a list of three things that are a must do and visit. Aside from eating British food, especially a traditional Sunday Roast my aim is to drink in a local British pub and watch a premiership football game.


Outside of New York, London for me is the best city in the world. It shares many things with NYC and there is an endless amount of things to do every day of the week. Whether you enjoy the outdoors or enjoy watching sports or music there is so much happening. This time we will be taking the family to see the major attractions including the Tower of London. This is one of most history packed sites in the world and is definitely worth the visit.

Football Match


The final must see on my list is to go to a football match, with this the aim is to score some Liverpool tickets from Fan Seats for the Liverpool match away against Arsenal, a football team in North London. Attending a football match is a must see for any fan or for a tourist visiting London. This is a passion for millions of fans in the UK and the biggest sport in the country. The Emirates Stadium has a capacity of over 65,000 so the atmosphere should be a good one.

British Pub

british pub

Whilst we have great British style pubs in the US, there is something unique and different about having a drink in a British pub. The buildings and the history are what makes it different with them having changed little since first built. There are some pubs in London which date back to before the 16th Century.

Where to Stay

As we have visited London many times in the past we always have a favourite area that we like to stay. For us anything central near Marble Arch or Hyde Park is a great choice. Booking is a great site that offers the best prices and biggest selection of hotels.

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