Driving in New York can be a little bit tricky and scary for first timers however with practice and by following some tips this experience can be made a lot easier.

Rental Cars

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Pay Attention to all Roadsigns

Road traffic signs are all over the city and they seem difficult to understand at first. This can take a while to realise how to follow.  We fully suggest you go for a small walk first and see what are the most common and frequent signs to understand what they mean. This can seem over the top but this will save you when driving in a city like New York.

Watch out for Pedestrian Flows


You will see huge pedestrian flows crossing the streets and, even if pedestrians usually respect traffic lights don’t rely on this entirely and always take a look at both sides of the road!

Remember Where You Parked

Trust me, and this is another life saviour you just can’t ignore. New York is a real jungle and many streets look the same. Try always to remember where you left your car (maybe taking pics too), and use points of reference to keep yourself oriented!

Keep an Eye on Garage Signs

If you want to use a garage to park your car always pay attention to the signs and what they offer. Several times you can read something in a smaller format changing the fee for each hour. Always ask first how it works so you won’t have bad surprises.

Park safely and don’t forget to pay

Remember always to pay the meter once you decide to park and show your paid ticket on display on your dashboard and remember its expiration time to arrive just in time before it expires. This is going to keep yourself away from severe surprises as check-ins are all over the places and happen 24/7 in New York!

Avoid Car Getting Towed

Don’t think to leave your car everywhere and get away with it! We highly recommend you to park in the approved area, even if you just need a 5 minutes stop. Your car could get towed within a matter of minutes! Don’t put your driving experience at risk and always be mindful and respectful of the city’s laws and legislation!

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