Barcelona is one of the world’s most visited cities, with its attractions being global icons but what about the unseen side of this great place. There is much which is not seen by the typical tourist to Barcelona, it’s a city with a unique cultural heartbeat which needs to be experienced to be believed. This culture has given birth to some of the world’s most iconic wonders such as Sagrada Familia. The only way to discover this hidden side to Barcelona is with a tour guide, there are many 5 stars service for transfers and private tours in Barcelona which can take your hand and show you the hidden side of the city.

There is more to see than simply the works of Gaudi, the city is bursting with unique architecture which has a history as far back as Roman times. This long history has contributed to the unique landscape which the city is so well known for. The people of Barcelona have always contributed to these unique buildings and have made them what they are today. There is a huge amount of stories and local lore behind each building. This is particularly true within the oldest part of the city where the small winding streets are full of hidden shops and alleys.

The culture of Barcelona too is unique and with that has given the city a history in the arts. Barcelona’s art galleries are known around the world for their fine collections and grandeur. To fully experience these wonders a tour guide will be able to walk you through their halls and describe what you are seeing. Whether you are a fan of the classical masters or prefer more contemporary art such as Picasso, you will find this art within Barcelona. Barcelona is home to the Picasso museum which is one of the world’s finest collections of his lifetime work, the artist was one of many who have called the city home.


Picasso Museum Barcelona

Barcelona is a brilliant city to visit as a tourist but it’s a place which needs to be experienced not simply visited. A local tour guide will show you things you will have never seen before and will tell you things which you have never heard. Barcelona is a city with a unique culture but to understand it you need to understand its people, this is why a tour is such a great way to experience it.

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