As you finalise your vacation plans for 2018, one of the biggest front-runners for your getaway simply has to be the gorgeous islands of the Caribbean. After all, how can you ever improve on sugary white-sand beaches, incandescent blue seas and endless days of sun-soaked relaxation and diversion under cloudless skies?

Yet, once you’ve narrowed down your options and decided to head off to the Caribbean, there’s still the question of where exactly to visit and how best to see all that your chosen destination has to offer. The answer is simple – the ultimate way to experience the Caribbean and make the most of this tropical paradise – this or any year – is onboard your own private luxury luxury yacht charter.

The Unparalleled Pleasures of Yachting in the Caribbean

On your own Caribbean yacht charter, you’re worlds away from the concerns of daily life. There’s no need to rush, no deadlines to meet and no schedules to stick to. You can decide when to wake up, when to sleep and what secluded sandy cove to anchor in on any given day. Amidst the plush surroundings of your Caribbean yacht charter, the world stops and waits for you, letting you immerse yourself utterly in the laid-back reggae rhythms and chilled-out vibes of the tropics.

Have your captain anchor in secluded coves. Leave your footprints on virgin beaches fanned by coconut palms. Enjoy a barbecue on the sand, with delicacies whipped up and served to you by your attentive crew – all to the soundtrack of waves gently splashing ashore. Drink in the sunshine from sun loungers on your yacht’s gleaming deck, as you cruise through turquoise waters on the way to your next exotic port of call. Sip chilled bubbly and toast to another day in your own tropical Eden. Dine deck-side on delicacies prepared by your chef as you watch the golden-orange sun sink into the glimmering Caribbean Sea.

Here are some of this year’s most spectacular Caribbean destinations, perfect settings for your idyllic 2018 charter yacht vacation.

Escape to the Bahamas

Nestled just off the southeast coast of Florida, in almost impossibly translucent waters, sits the archipelago nation of the Bahamas, which is made up of thousands of islands of all shapes and sizes. On a Bahamas yacht charter, you’ll be able to take your pick of remote isles that are virtually out of reach, unless approached by sea.

Of particular interest are the 365 islands that make up the Bahamian chain of the Exumas. The Exumas overflow with unique and quirky delights that are practically off-limits to anyone other than native Bahamians and yachters. A favourite hideout of pirates and buccaneers hundreds of years ago, nowadays the Exumas attract those craving a different category of adventures.

Surf or kiteboard across waves of sapphire. Claim your own unblemished stretch of silky sand on the breathtaking seven-mile-long Great Guana Cay beach. Snorkel or scuba dive on the reef off of Rum Cay, and get up close and personal with its colourful marine residents. Marvel at seaplanes bobbing at anchor, off of deserted islands. Gaze at a hilariously acrobatic troupe of wild pigs, as they perform an improbably graceful ballet in the crystal-clear sea beside your tender. Sip an ice-cold Bahamian beer or expertly prepared mojito on your yacht’s deck, as the Bahamian sunshine warms you to your core.

Explore the British Virgin Islands

Without a shadow of a doubt, the British Virgin Islands (known fondly as the BVIs), are best experienced from the water, preferably onboard your own luxurious BVI yacht charter. Only from the sumptuous environs of your yacht can you gain access to many of the BVIs’ exquisite shielded private bays and gloriously unspoiled beaches.

Direct your yacht captain to chart a course that reveals all the wonders of the BVIs. Sink your feet into the deliciously warm, satiny sands of a deserted beach on Tortola, Norman Island or Jost van Dyke. Sample a rum-infused creation, made with the freshest of fruit, at a waterfront bar on the sands of Virgin Gorda. Float or swim your cares away in aquamarine seas, undulating gently in the noonday sun.

Try your hand at catching massive wahoo, mahi mahi or tuna in the famed fishing spots surrounding Scrub Island. Spearfish on Blue Chrome Reef and nab a lobster or two. And, after the sun has sunk into the sea, have your crew set up a table on the sand, build a fire and serve up the catch of the day, as the stars twinkle overhead in the tropical night sky.

Discover the Enchanting Leeward Islands

Just a short skip and jump to the southeast of the BVIs, sits the beguiling islands known collectively as the Leewards. The blissful beauty of these isles has been luring yachters for centuries. See for yourself what makes these islands so special onboard your Leeward Islands yacht charter.

Forge a path through luxuriant rainforest vegetation. Feast your eyes on soaring volcanic mountains. Taste liquid sunshine, in the form of rich, golden rum, drawn directly from the casks of a sugar plantation’s special stock. Anchor in the shimmering, transparent waters of sandy inlets that seem thoroughly undisturbed by human beings.

Choose your favourite stretch of sand, from amongst Antigua’s 365 magnificent beaches – one for each day of the year. Cruise over to Guadeloupe, where you can climb the slopes of the towering La Soufrière volcano, check out the huge iguanas that are the main residents of La Désirade, or laze the hours away on talcum-powder-soft, white sandy beaches.

Stop at St Kitts on your Leewards yacht charter and bask in its colonial history, with visits to UNESCO-designated Brimstone Hill Fortress – which showcases authentic 17th- and 18th-century architecture – as well as the capital of Basseterre, whose streets tell tales of a colourful past filled with intrigue.

Or, have your captain take your yacht to best-kept-secret hideaway, Nevis. Wander through pristine tropical ecosystems – filled with jungle-like trails, lush vegetation and vibrant orchids – as squawking monkeys swing through branches and brilliantly hued parrots fly through the cloud-free azure sky.

Uncover the Rich Treasures of the Windward Isles

To truly get a sense of the exotic soul of the Windward Islands, a chain of isles that includes Martinique, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Dominica, you’ll want to travel around them by boat. Hop onboard your Windward Islands yacht charter and get ready to fall hopelessly in love with the stunning volcanic scenery, graceful colonial buildings and dramatic black-sand beaches that make this archipelago so alluring.

Hike up volcanic peaks and take dips in piping-hot mineral-rich baths in St Vincent. Savour the aroma and taste of fragrant coffee and dine on delectable French cuisine in the cafes and bistros of Martinique. Stroll through vibrant rainforests in Dominica. Thrill as you take a once-in-a-lifetime jaunt to the world’s only drive-through volcano in St Lucia.

Put on mask and snorkel or scuba tanks to check out the vivid undersea universe that thrives on the reefs off of Bequia. Hunt for hidden mysteries (or sunken treasure) in the turquoise lagoons and shipwrecks of the Tobago Cays. Find the uncommon, unexpected and unforgettable on your yacht charter in the Windward Islands.


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